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surgeon said probably fibroid, path report says endometrial polyp

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I have been on this site as my mother had uterine cancer and is doing well but I was having abnormal bleeding and went to the gyne that did a hysterosonogram/ultrasound and the report came back a 3.5 cm uterine polyp( no endometrial thickening) so I had a hysteroscope and afterwards the gyne said he could not get it out through the scope and biopsied a piece which he said was most likely a fibroid. His nurse called to tell me the path report was ok and to follow-up in several months. so I got the path report and it says endometrial polyp fragment. Do you think that I need to do anything or just wait and see? Maybe I just have heard to not worry about things once too many times this year and am overly vigilent? He did not do a d and c and says he tried to remove it by the scope under general anesthesia and could not. family doc says get a hysterectomy?

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Any time I hear 'endometrial polyp' I immediately think UPSC (uterine papillary serous carcinoma) because UPSC so often presents as a uterine polyp. But surely they looked for cancerous cells in the polyp fragment they biopsied, and would have never said "looks fine" if they found any malignancy!! If you are post-menopausal and have ANY uterine bleeding, I would encourage you to push hard for a D&C so you don't lie awake worrying. UPSC often has no endometrial thickening (mine didn't), and is so rare that not all pathologists recognize it.

Why is your family doctor suggesting a hysterectomy? That's MAJOR surgery. BIG HUGS (((((((Bonnie Sue)))))))

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the family doc is recommending it based on my family history(mom) and the fact of its size 3.5 cm and that I am late 40's and my cycles are all over the board and painful. of course I have neglected it trying to get my mom through all thinking it my age. The gyne did not do a d and c because he expected to take it(polyp) out via hysteroscope but said it was not possible and looked like a fibroid but took a biopsy which was read as a endometrial polyp.

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