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Weepy eye from Xeloda

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I have a weepy eye from using Xeloda. It was suggested to take Claritin to see if that would dry it up. Well, it didn't help much with the weepy eye but it sure helped with bowel problems. It's works better and faster than immodium. Who would have thought! It seems to dry up the constants leakage that comes from all the chemo drugs. At lease it helped me. No to just try to figure out how to stop the leaky eye!

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Hi, I started xeloda a few weeks ago and I also noticed, especially in the morning, my eyes tear alot. I am walking my dog outside, but sometimes even in the house, I can notice it. I see my dr. next week, I will ask him and let you know if it is a side effect. I just always assume everything I get is a side effect of chemo!:)

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...on Folfiri, and get weepy eyes as well, I'm not even on Xeloda, It must be just a chemo side effect, I could be laying on my bed, talking to my daughter, and reading with her, and then a tear will just come out of nowhere, sometimes even while cooking! I though it was just an effect, so never really thought about it. My kids think I'm starting to cry, when I really am not, I just wipe it away, and let them know it's part of the chemo :)


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