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Visual Disturbances with chemo

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One of mom's latest side effects during and now after her 4th Folfox chemo treatment has been some "visual disturbances". She says that in her left eye, the center of the eye's focus is a little fuzzy.

Has anyone heard of this being a side effect of chemo? Or could it be a blood pressure-related thing, as her BP has been high lately?

Appreciate any thoughts.

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own opinion it could be both. I would make sure to notify the Oncologist and may want to go see the eye doc as well.

My eye was pretty normal before cancer and treatment, but after treatment was a different story. My right eye got worse and I needed a second pair of glasses to read labels and small print.

My eye doc blamed it on getting older (45 yrs). I disagree.

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my vision was effected by the chemo and has last well after treatment stopped.
My Doc said wait 3 month and get a new pair of glasses.
Just happy to be here!!!!!!!

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....Gets really fuzzy now, I have a hard time even just trying to put on make-up, of I go close to read something, the words look like they're running into each other, but my onc said it was due to the treatments, I just wonder if it's a temporary thing.

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Vision got fuzzy during treatment but is fine again now....about 4 months out of post op chemo

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Thanks so much for all your experiences. It definitely helps to hear that this side effect sounds like it's pretty common, too.

Appreciate you all taking the time to post to my question!

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The first three months I was on oxylplatin, I couldn't focus my eyes enough to read. My daughter got me a big, lighted magnifying glass and that helped some but after reading that way I couldn't see distances. After stopping the oxy and only taking 5FU and Avastin, my sight has improved enough for me to read and cross stitch.


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Depending on what chemo I was on my vision would get fuzzy and my speech sometimes slurred...
It goes away after a while

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my sight was definitely influenced by chemo. When I was first on 5FU I went racing off for new glasses but the doc suggested waiting till the end of chemo. On my most recent oxy trip I could not read at all. Even watching tely was not comfortable at times.

quite quickly after chemo was over the eyes and vision recovered. Still tend to tear up but that`s it.


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