Quitting a habit/Changing

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I too have dealt with major addictions in the past and quite frankly right now today. It is a struggle from day to day to stop any bad habit formed and practiced.
There are three key elements to changing behaviors! From what I can understand,
1.Believe and trust that change will come. When you feel trapped in a bad situation you must continue to talk to self and encourage self that there is hope, a way out of the bad position you are in. Change is a law of life, it will always happen.
2. Find a fan or sponsor, make friends with someone you know who can understand what you are up against, someone who sees you as a person with the willingness to battle against your troubles, there are many who have put themselves to a challenge, fought the battle and won the victory, and most often, if you can find one of them, they are willing to share, encourage and simply give you the pep talk that might be the difference. One person having faith in you can make the difference and help you close the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.
3. Take the time you need to overcome adversity, We are all guilty of underestimating how long it will take for us to change. When we're not transformed to a new me in a couple of weeks we tend to give up and give in to old self! If you stay focused on the task of changing and try to be patient you will notice changes along the way, however small the change is do not neglect to reward yourself for making the small goal or mark. It is said that the urge to smoke a cigarette from the time it starts to the time it goes away is approximately 90 seconds to two minutes. When this urge comes on try to remain calm and realize what is happening, occupy yourself with something such as reading something interesting, writing in your journal, or here perhaps,chew candy, or a straw until a few minutes pass. Matter affects us, the mind controls us, so if you can learn to master controlling your mind, instead of it controlling you, you are well on the way to stopping any behaviors you don't like.
I reccomend that any of you who have it in your mind to change and are the least bit open minded for suggestion take a look at firstthirtydays.com, very good stuff there for someone wanting to change!
I hope that my long windedness is of some help to someone out there, because I too have things I am trying to change. I do want serenity and I want fullness of life experience, longevity and patience! I don't want suffering and to be a prisoner of bad habits!Best of luck to those who want to make new and healthier habits in life. Life was never meant for us to try and destroy with self-destructive behaviors in the first place, that my friends is a human condition we probably all would like to change!
God Bless and good luck changing... Art