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2 Bites on Neck

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I noticed the other day that I have a bump on each side of my neck that was itching. I had my daughter look at it and she said they both looked like pimples coming to a head (sorry..gross). I could see the white puss in the one. I ended up scratching them open and now they keep scabbing and scabbing but are very sore and don't seem to be going away. Last year I had a problem with Brown Recluse Spiders in my house but haven't seen any this year. I guess I better have the doc take a look at it huh???

well, 3:45am.... better get to bed......


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Jennie, since it's been a few days, those bites don't sound like Brown Recluse. Brown Recluse bites turn dark in the center very quickly (necrosis). You would have had severe pain, too.

Do you have Fire Ants? Have you been in the yard? You described a Fire Ant bite perfectly. (I seem to think you live in Jersey... so am not sure what you have where you live.)

Also, have you gotten sun on your neck? All during chemo, my nose would break out with pimples with the yellowish/ white puss-filled heads you're describing. My nose would itch a bit, too. They'd take a few days of draining, scabbing and starting over before they cleared up.

Have a wonderful day!

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Sounds like it could be a bug bite of some sort to me. I would try a topical itch reliever for a day or so and see if it helps and/or call you doctor if it doesn't.
I've heard those Brown Recluse Spiders can be VERY nasty but like Diane mention, you'd know it.
PS - keep garlic around your neck just in case ;-)

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Agreed.... I looked up Recluse symptoms.... not me. Diane, I live in Southern Illinois ( and real close to the St. Louis Rams.... BUT Cowboys rule!!!)I have been outside closing up the pool and could have been any insect. I have been keeping an anti-itch medicated cream on them and they look better today..... Oh and Phil...... I did get that garlic.... JUST IN CASE..LOL
Thank you guys!!!


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Fire ant bites are just as you described. Itch like crazy and make a pimple like Puss sac on the skin surface.

Nasty little devils

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So, I've got a home school mom angry at me because I'm letting our almost 15 year old son read Pet Sematary by Steven King for his Home School Book Club ..... yet the girls are reading Twilight.

I've loved vampires since I watched the old black and white movies half the night on Saturdays as a kid. The rule was that I could watch all I wanted and as late as I wanted as long as I could be up and ready for church on time.

"Bwah ha ha.... I never drink....... wine."

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This is not cancer related but I love you for saying Cowboys Rule! That is my team. All they need is for Romo to get himself together. Second game of the season - Sun night (ugh!)


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I love vampires as well Diane, I just read that whole "Twilight" series, and that had more sex (not vulgarly, but you know they did it) then "Pet Semetary" did...that's weird about the mom letting her read that and not Stephen King. I love Stephen King.

I also remember watching the old movies, the werewolves too...and Frankenstein! great classics! My girls even sat down to watch them with me, and loved them as well!


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