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Newly Diagnosed

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Steve Z
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I was diagnosed via a colonoscopy on Monday. Luckily I have a cousin in the field and it’s coming out on Monday. I feel great about my surgeon, especially after getting compliments from my GP on my selection. I’m 38 with a beautiful wife and 2 year old daughter. I feel good right now, but the week has been a rollercoaster. This thing isn’t going to beat me. I know that’s easy to say pre-op, but I have a wedding to go to in about 20+ years.

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Hi there,

Welcome to the discussion board and sorry you have to be here. This is without a doubt the best online support you can find. You will get to know these folks like you know your neighbors. Best of luck to you on your upcoming surgery and let us know how you make out.

Cheers, Lance

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you have come to the right place, the people on this board are nothing but great.
Good luck on the surgery and I know it going to be a lovely wedding.
My prayers are with you and your family!!!
Just Happy to bbe here

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Hi Steve,

This is such a great place to find encouragement and knowledge thru experience. If youhave any questions or concerns someone here will have some input for you. Don't hesistate to ask anything or to share your feelings. I have been blessed by the compasion and suggestions people have given me. Please keep us posted. Your in my prayers.
Blessings to you and your precious family,

Debbie (gramma)

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Welcome to the forum! we offer as much support as possible, if we can answer of your questions, just ask, and keep on posting. What exactly was your diagnosis??

I feel the same way as you, I have 4 kids who need me and I plan on trying to fight till the lord decides to take me, I want to see their weddings, my grandchildren and all that.

Stay strong, hang in there and I wish you luck and happiness!


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Sorry you had to find us this way, but you have found a new family here. You can come to this message board with anything you have facing you. This is going to be a tough journey, but one that you can get through and one we can help you with. Good luck and let us know how things are going.


Fight for my love
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Hi Steve,it is always overwhelming when you are first diagnosed.I was a super crying lady when my husband was first diagnosed,luckily I found this board,I have had lots of supports here.My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer in this May by colonoscopy,he just finished rectum resection a couple of weeks ago,he is doing ok now,just on the way of recovery.We just got the pathology report a couple of days ago,everything was clear,no lymph nodes,no blood vessels,no nerves got involved,and the margin was clear.So his prognosis is pretty good.I went to the memorial sloan-kettering cancer center website,using the nomogram to caculate the Probability of Being Disease-Free Five to Ten Years After Surgery is 97% and 95%.So you know,there is always hope.You will be a healthy person again after you finish all the treatment.Stay strong and you will get through this even before you know it.Just come to the board often,this board is full of intelligent and knowledgeable people who are very generous and kind,they will answer your questions.When you want to vent,come here to vent and whine.People here will lift you up and give you encouragement.Anyway please take good care of yourself and good luck to you and your family with the treament.

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I can imagine the week has been like a roller coaster. It is a term used quite often around here. Glad you are feeling upbeat about the surgery. Hope it goes well.

Rob; in Vancouver.

"Cancer Sucks!"

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Hi Steve, My name is Brooks and I have stage 3 rectal cancer. I have went through 6 ½ weeks of chemo and radiation and then on August 13 surgery to remove the tumor. Surgery went great and the tumor showed NO signs of cancer left from the treatments. Now I’m at home recovering from the surgery and have started my final round of chemo Sept 9th. Get ready for the ride of your life. Good luck on your surgery and remember to keep us updated.

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Hi, Steve.

I'm glad you found this board, because I know you're scared and worried right now. You will find lots of information and comfort here.


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Hi Steve. I have a Steve too who was diagnosed about 8 months ago. He had rectal cancer that was found on his first routine colonoscopy. He had to have 4" of his rectum removed and had chemo and radiation treatments, and the ileostomy and reversal surgeries. He is cancer free today after numerous scans and biopsies. He is doing very well. The doctors are 99.9% sure it was localized and got in the nic of time since it was only in stage 1. It was a shock when we found out, and I cried my eyes out, but Im ok now and life is great. Chin up......you will be around another 20 yrs.

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HI , welcome to the board. Come here to chat, gain info and knowledge, vent and if you just need a friend. You will get through this... Petrins

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Here, such kind, caring, and informative people. You're in good hands.

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Hi Steve. Sorry to hear and I can relate. I was just recently diagnosed with colon cancer and will be having surgery on tuesday next week to have my Sigmoid removed. I can also testify that I am on the same roller coaster as you, brother, and wish for the best for you. I have been lurking around here for a while and can tell that this is a comfortable and informative place. I will check in often. 2E

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hi steve, welcome to the best support group. Any questions, ask, unfortunately we've all been in your shoes. Keep a POSITIVE attitude! I swear it what gets me through! One day at a time!

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