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My sister is losing her fight....

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My sister who is only 46 years old is losing her fight agaisnst this horribly disease. I was in the ICU with her yesterday along with my mother, my sisters two step daughters, my husband and her 14 year daughter. We all have been fighting this with her for the last 3 years and it has reach her brain, and she is not the person we know. It is extremly hard to see her in that state, she was always the rock in the family. And the go to person...now we all are walking around looking for that person to lean on, and she is not there. Because it is the person we see lying in the hospital one minute she knows us the next she doesn't. My heart is being ripped from my chest. I am scared for her, not knowing what she is thinking or feeling. Need to know how to cope...she is going home tomorrow because that is what she wants.... but we all don't know how long there after she will continue to be with us. We all knew this day could and would come...but it is all still to much to handle.

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I just wanted to offer you my prayers. My husband has been fighting colon cancer for 6 years and he too is reaching the end. Our dr. contacted Hospice and we will be meeting with them next week. I hope you and your family have contacted them as well. I hear really good things about their help. It's hard to release a loved one. Please seek some help as you go through this. We have also gotten support from a cancer support group. Check with the American Cancer Society to see if there is a group near you. I don't have any words of wisdom. We are all in this boat together and paddling as best we can. Hang in there. Your sister needs you. Fay

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Thank you...Yes actually she has been home since Friday 9/18 she wanted to go home. There is nothing more the doctors can do, so yes she is home and Hospice has her set up with the pain management. At first things seem quite overwhelming but ALWAYS remember Hospice is only a PHONE CALL AWAY...All the time. We have family around her, and she seems content at times a bit confused others. However no really evidence of pain which is a great comfort to us knowing she is comfortable. I pray for you, & your husband that he too is comfortable. We all are in this together now and there after. You hang in there as well. Liz

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