Will you have whine with that cheese, madam?????

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So, we're back in sunny southern california. After having our seats changed 3 times (not to our knowledge, and not to our benefit), I ended up sitting next to a mother with a baby. Now, the flight is almost 11 hours...you do the math...ROFL!

I've got a BUNCH of stuff to do here, a BIG limb off our eucalyptus tree crashed down into the backyard...the good news is that we have firewood for a VERY long time. I'm not much jet lagged, but, then again, it's right now a time when I would be awake, Holland time. The house survived, and the fruit trees are sharing their treasures with us. It's about 80 here, and promises to be warmer tomorrow. I'm leaving for a much-needed haircut.

Hugs to all, Kathi


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    I'm glad
    I'm glad you had a good trip,and even had firewood waiting for you when you got home.I hope you enjoy your return.Best wishes.
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    Sounds like that flight might have been "fun." Glad you got home without your nerves being too shattered!