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Syringoid Eccrine Carsioma (need any possible information)

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My mother was just diagnosed with syringoid eccrine carsioma, which as I understand is a dermatalogic cancer. There is very little information available on this cancer.

Has anyone had any experience with:

- Surgery (Mohs versus regular surgery)
- Therapies
- Physicians (do you go to a general oncologist or a dermatologist that specializes in oncology, which surgeon have you used?)
- Metastasis related to this cancer

Any information and details would be incredibly valuable.

Thank you!

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My father was diagnosed today with that same cancer. We were told it is very aggressive. It had previously been misdiagnosed as an aggressive basil cell carcinoma. So surgery was required. Today he was informed that it will come back if radiation is not done. He needs 6-7 weeks of radiation. It was only found in one lymphnoid after the surgery. Apparently this kind of cancer can come back somewhere else in the body and can be fatal if not aggressively treated. Syringoid explains the structure in the cell.. It being tubular, Eccrine means endrocrine glands which are your sweat glands. Carcinoma just means a type of skin cancer. A oncologist or dematologist who specializes in oncology either one will help you with her treatment. I am not sure if this helps you but good luck.

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A friend of mine was just diagnosed with this type of cancer. Does anyone know of a doctor or oncologist who specializes in this cancer? We are in the Northeast, however we would be interested in knowing a specialist anywhere in the country.

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