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1 node positive - ah!

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Hi Everyone,
Dick finished his Folfox 6 about 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately it looks as if 1 lymph node is positive for cancer. That is what the PET showed today. All else looked clear. We are waiting on the results of the echocardiogram for the pericardial effusion (liquid around the heart) We are very disappointed but Dick says he's up for getting rid of cancer once and for all. We will talk to Dr. Lenz tomorrow. The doc here in Hawaii said they would biopsy the node to confirm cancer. We don't know what Dr. Lenz will say.

Thanks for all your support. We see all of you so strong and we get a lot of hope from you.


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Aloha Dick and Kathleen,

I got a good feeling about this. I think all will work out just fine. I will say a special prayer tonite.


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Sounds like Dick will be getting more chemo. Sorry to hear that.

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Sucks to hear about your news. This cancer is a hard fight. Maybe they can zip it with a little more chemo? Keep us posted

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I'm praying it's not cancerous.

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After my surgery next week I should be left with only two positive lymph nodes right beside each other in the portacaval cavity. That is why I'm going for the clinical trial which showed significant success in lymphoma patients. Hopefully this trial will be as effective for other cancers in the lymph. I'll keep you guys posted

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So sorry to hear about that one pesky node. I will keep both of you in my prayers and hope for a good plan for Dick from Dr.Lenz. Please keep us updated.

Hang in there.

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Hey, I'm sorry y'all got that news, but I'll be praying for a positive outcome.


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I hope it's not! I swear if it's not one thing, it's another with this disease, I wish him luck, and you will both be in my prayers!


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Such a shock to hear the news. I'm thinking good thoughts for you both.


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So sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will be nothing.


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