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Belly Bloat after mastectomy?

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Hi, I'm new here and have been too busy to consistantly lurk! I have read some great info though! I WAS a 13 year survivor until last month. I had a modified radical mastectomy, chemo and radiation in 1996-1997. Last Thursday, I had a Simple Mastectomy and Sentenal Node Biopsy. (regarding that, I wonder if guys had needles stuck in their privates if they would be a little more sensitive with their needles???) I will probably get the results of that this Friday.....I hope.

I can not believe the bruises that I have on my body! My arm, of course my chest, and also my belly and even on the previous mastectomy side. What's up with this?

In reading some info, maybe my belly bloat is really constipation? I've only been taking Tylenol since Monday. Before that it was the Vicoden and anti-nausea pills. The opiates make me throw up!

I am so uncomfortable with this belly bloat that I was wondering if I had some other awful cancer going on that needs to be looked at. Too much info, but I AM burping and passing gas. :-)

I hope that you have some info to help!
This is a great site and I'm glad that I found it.

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Vicodin is REALLY constipating so that could cause belly bloat. I would push fluids, fruit juices, fresh fruits and veggies. You could also try docusate sodium which is a stool softener you can buy over the counter or miralax powder which is a laxative which you can also get over the counter. You probably shouldnt let yourself go more than 2 to 3 days without a movement. Also increasing activity and walking is a good thing if you can.

Not sure what to make of the bruising unless its directly related to pokes you got while in the hospital.

Hang in there

LInda T

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Hi Shirley - I too had my surgery last Thursday - a bilateral mastectomy. I couldn't believe the bloat I had. My belly seemed almost as big as my boobs were (and that's not small). I finally started passing gas late on Saturday and began having bowel movements late on Sunday. I take a stool softener because of the constipation that's a side-effect of the Detral LA I'm on. I haven't been horrendously uncomfortable most of the time. My daughter did make me laugh when I showed her my belly. Her comment was "Mom maybe you just didn't notice how big your belly was when your boobs were hanging down over it." but good woman that she is followed it up by "I'm just joking". Then she went out and got me fruits and a big salad to push the greens. Hopefully the burping and passing gas is the beginning of your relief and your bowels will follow.
Take care, Lola

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thanks for the suggestions. I tried the stool softener yesterday and that seems to be helping. This is a great site!

Thank you

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