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Another setback

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I just got off the phone from my Mom's oncologist. The results of her CT scan show enlargement of the uterus and enlargement of the neck lymph nodes along with enlargement of several other nodes. The radiation oncologist noted swelling in her left neck node about a month ago. The good news is no nodules were found in her lung. The plan now is to resume chemo which will consist of weekly Taxol for three weeks and off for one week, for several cycles. She got a good response from chemo with three cycles of Taxol/Carbo. Because of her bone marrow suppression, she can't tolerate the Carbo. Please keep her in your prayers. I can't lose her yet!
Just to clarify. The treatment will be Taxol once a week for three weeks and then one week off, for as many cycles as needed.

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You are quite a daughter! I know your mother feels your love and caring attitude. It shows through in all of your postings. Alot of women do well with long term taxol; I think it's important to tell the oncologist if you are not feeling well so they can treat your symptoms of pain, anxiety, etc. Be sure your Mom isn't afraid to let them know so she can be more comfortable.

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I hope she tolerates the small doses of the Taxol each week. You both remain in my prayers. Hang in there and take it a day at a time. In peace and caring. HUGS to both of you.

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