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Positive attitude helps

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In 1999 after a complete hysterectomy, I was told that I had Stage 1 Uterine cancer. I was devistated at first, but then I decided that I was not going to let this disease beat me. I did not die, I still had God, and I still had family and friends who loved me. It has been ten years now, and I am still cancer-free, and I still have a positive attitude.

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Thanks for sharing with us. It is always good to hear from those who do well. It is also important for all of us who share when we have setbacks we really did not want. Helping each other is what it's about!

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Aloha Brendakay...glad to hear you're still cancer free after 10 years; Stage 1 has a good outome in most instances; would be glad to hear how you managed early on with the anxiety and fear of recurrence; I was also staged 1A; oncologist tells me repeatedly the cancer is gone; but I know of many who had recurrences years after the original cancer (I'm an RN and see this frequently); just had my third 3 month check up; coming up to a year since the last chemo in 11/08
thanks for sharing the good news


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