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Atrial fibrillation and chemo for stage IIA colon cancer.

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Before learning I had stage IIA colon cancer several months ago I had been living with chronic Atrial fibrillation for the past four years, which is treated with beta blockers and blood thinners. Now that I’m on chemo I have the chemo port with the tube that goes into the vain and deposits the chemo into the large artery going into the Atrial part of the heart, and the Atrial is where the erratic signals occur in Atrial fibrillation. I’ve noticed that I’m now in constant a-fib with my heart flip-flopping regular basis. Do any of you also have a-fib and if so how did you do on chemo and did the chemo effect your a-fib? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My cardiologist has cleared me for the chemo, after telling me he isn’t a fan of chemo, whatever that means.

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