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Good luck and God bless

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Hi Sonny this post was meant for you as your surgery nears I have been thinking and praying for you. We have 1 thing in common and thats both our surgery was and is on a Thursday. I hope in some small way my posts have helped ease your mind. As your wife cant come with you thursday I will take the time and think and pray for both of you. Trust in your surgeon and God and peace to you on the day before as well as the Day of surgery......Nick

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Thank you for the message and prayers.

I am having a pretty peaceful day. Just checking the things off the lists, i.e. packing, list of numbers for my wife, touching base with my son and so on.

I really haven't had too much in the way of nerves or doubts. I am comfortable in the knowledge that I have done all the best I could and now it is out of my hands.

No second guessing on my part. Looking forward to the trip and starting the life of new endings. Always look forward to journeys. Discovering new things along the road and meeting new friends. I didn't start this trip and it wasn't one of my choosing, but I won't shy away from the adventure and the prospect of learning new things.

I and my wife are blessed and know that there is a greater hand that is in control of our destinies.

Thank you for the kind words. Please know that I pray for blessings for you and your family as well.


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Best of everything, Sonny, my prayers are with you. Looking forward to reports on your progress.

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