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Worms in stool

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I'm curious if anyone who's done liver or colon cleanses has noticed worms in their stools. I think it was Emily who said she saw some after a cleanse.

I've been mulling this over getting ready to do a fast, and i will absolutely FREAK OUT if i see worms in my stool!!!

I've had parasite tests done, and they've all been clear. Is there a type of worm that doesn't show up on the parasite tests?

I read somewhere a very long time ago that every one of us has parasites in our intestines that we pick up from many different sources. I remember it stating also, that not ALL parasites are detectable by tests.

Anyone's experiences with this will be greatly appreciated!


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Hello Krista.

I am a Colostomate and I am an irrigator. this means that I cleanse my bowel every couple of days. Keeps me from walking around with a bag full of poop.

What has been mentioned as worms is probably just Mucous, I see them often, particularly toward the end of my process when I am expelling near clear water.

The Bowel is a Mucous membrane, Just like the inside of your Mouth and nose. As such the bowel is always secreting Mucous, we call it saliva in the mouth.

When you see the light colored stringy things, it is just the mucous that has been sitting around for a while and it tends to get a little solidified and stringy.

Not to worry.

Hope this helps you......Jimbob

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That would be absolutely gross and make me get sick if I saw that. I used to have ring worms as a kid and I remember how I felt with all the worms in there. Too much playing in the sand box and making mud pies I guess :) Anyway, hope it is just mucous you see and not actual worms if you do happen to see something.


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Hi Krista,

What my daughter and I passed were worms. My daughter was breastfeeding at the time I did my parasite cleanse and she was wearing diapers still. I had an up close and personal inspection--they were WORMS! They were clear and had a beginning and an end. They looked like skinny clear spaghetti noodles but not as long. I also have passed mucus. I know the difference. I find this stuff fascinating so don't freak. The only time I passed these things was when I did the parasite cleanse so it makes sense that the herbs were expelling the worms.

I have been told that anyone who has a pet has worms. We worm our animals. Why don't we worm ourselves?

Book suggestion:

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Louise Gettleman (not sure on the name--she also wrote The Fat Flush)

In my daughter's diapers were hundreds and she was only 2. Think how many we adults have!

keep me posted. ;-)

peace, emily

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Thank you for the correction....I am going to start looking for worms.....

Are they injutious to ones health, or are they just part of the Parasites that we carry around in our bodies.....

Thank you, Jimbob

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Hi Jimbob!

I doubt you'll find worms unless you do a parasite cleanse to kill them off. Yes they are injurious to our health according to some--and quite so. I know they can wreak havoc with lifestock so why not us?

The product I used was by ReNew Life. The woman who developed the product is a colon health expert. I forget her name but if you google ReNew Life I'm sure you can find her and the info. The book suggestion is someone else but also good info on colon health.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you find worms. ;-)

peace, emily

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