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My Mom was Just Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer

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My mom just found out last Thursday that she has stomach cancer. She has not found out the severity yet or any of the other circumstances surrounding her situation, but she is staying incredibly positive. She has her first appointment with the oncologist tomorrow and she meets with a surgeon on Wednesday.

My mom has always been the strong one in our family -- whenever anyone has a problem or is stressed, she is the one who can calm us down and make us believe that things will get better. Even after being diagnosed, she is still the one telling me that things will be ok, and that she isn't scared or worried. I am 22 years old, and yet this is making me want to cry like a little boy.

My parents moved from our home in Ohio to North Carolina in May, and I just recently began my first year of law school here in Ohio. It absolutely kills me that she is there and I am here. She tells me that she is proud of me and that she is glad I have school to help take my mind off of things, but it is just so hard, and I know it won't get any easier. I have been so incredibly overwhelmed with my own life, but finding out that my mom has cancer was something I never expected to have to deal with.

As of now, we are all still trying to get over the shock of her news. It hasn't even been a week yet, so we are all still incredibly caught off guard. I hope to be able to go see her very soon, but for the time-being I am stuck here alone. I have all the faith in the world that she can beat this, and I know that she is one of those rare people in the world that can remain strong despite the situation. I am still very hopeful that that she will receive promising news, but this entire situation still scares me to death. If anyone has any advice, thoughts, or even just support, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!


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Hi David, We have 2 grown sons, and they both cried when my husband was diagnosed. Cancer is a scary word. It is hard when you don't know all the details. Waiting for answers to all your questions and test results is really tough. Just remember that cancer treatment has come a long way. Cancer is no longer the death sentence it was at one time. We were encouraged when we attended our first Relay for Life and saw so many older survivors. It sounds like your mother is trying to keep you informed. I'm glad for both of you that she isn't trying to hide this from you. It says to me that she knows that you are a strong person. Probably better than you know yourself. Life tends to throw us curves, often when the timing is not so good. Just know that there are a lot of us here. It helps to share. Also, find someone to talk with about this. Check with your local Cancer Society and/or college counselor or chaplain. Don't be afraid to get help. We all need it at times. Fay

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