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Patrick Swayze

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I was so sad to read that he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I knew it was a pretty desperate situation, but I was so hoping he'd have more time. *sigh* Cancer is everywhere! Every time I turn around, I hear about someone else with it. Today I found out that one of my grandson's teachers has sarcoma.


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It does not discriminate. It cares not who you are,
what you believe, or how rich you are.
It's the Great Equalizer.
He fought hard and will be missed.

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I was also hoping he'd somehow beat it. I feel so badly for his wife! They married when i was only six years old! I'm sure she's devastated. My heart goes out to his entire family.


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Patrick Swayze is a favorite around our place. He is particularly remembered for his role in Dirty Dancing. It is one of those movies where our daughters (3) know every line and move. It has been sad to watch him fade over the past few years.

His "Last Dance" is posted here for posterity...

Rest in Peace Patrick... Rob;in Vancouver

"I found that dance was key to keeping depression out of my life. When you dance, things just go away, things don't seem so bad. There's no better way to take care of health than through something as joyous and beautiful as dance.”
Patrick Swayze

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Let's all dance a little in Patrick's memory today!


P.S. Rob, that's one of our favorite movies, too. When it first came out, we must have watched it hundreds of times.

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Thanks for posting that wonderful clip of Patrick Swayze dancing. Wonderful to see him dancing. He will be missed. I pray he is free to dance where he is now.


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Well, Gail, I was going to open a post for this when I heard about it, but you beat me to it :)

I had already gone to bed last night and my wife came in as I was trying to fall asleep to tell me the news...needless to say I lay in bed wide awake thinking about him and his brave and courageous fight.

You see, Patrick's story hit sorta' close to home for me and I've been following his story closely for quite awhile now.

Here's why - when my cancer first metastasized, they told me it was on my PANCREAS.

I don't have to tell you the shock and utter horror of hearing those words from your oncologist - over the phone. I had that "real" sinking feeling hit me then - the kind of feeling where you know "the end of the road" is coming...and coming fast.

I knew that was a real death sentence - less than 5% survive pancreatic cancer. It was a real shock and I was trying to put it in some kind of perspective, and trying to get my mind right that I might now actually die - not that day, but soon. Most times when you receive the diagnosis, you really have about 4-6 months - Patrick really beat the odds by going almost a year after he received his dx. I was so proud for him.

Anyway, subsequent CT scan revealed that the met was in the liver and they did not think the pancreas.

This brings me to the educational part of the show: CA 19-9

I have a blood marker test run for me to check for pancreatic cancer activity - it is called CA 19-9. All of my readings have been off the charts as long as I can remember, but we cannot find a mass in the CT or PET scans to confirm this. I'm quite sure that I don't have it, or I would have passed away awhile back.

We ran this test at my old clinic constantly to monitor for cancer activity.

Normal Ranges are 0-55. Mine have been as high as 780 and as low as 330 - still 10x higher than the maximum reading.

I talked to my new onc about it and he ordered the test for me too last month...it was 158.
That's the lowest it's ever been and I've been off chemo for 8+ months. So, I can take it anyway I see it, but I think we all agree that it's nice when we see the numbers going DOWN.

Anyway, what I was trying to say in my usual long winded manner, is that I felt a close kinship with Patrick Swayze for 2 different reasons:

1. He was a hometown boy like me - we were both born in Houston, Texas.
2. He had pancreatic cancer and for awhile, I thought I did too and so I felt a bond there.

The same as with Farrah really - I took to her more closely because she got a colon related cancer and it metastasized to her liver - and we were both fighting in a similar time frame.

So, I was really hoping he would somehow beat this thing - I figured if Patrick could not, then really who else - he was a really tough guy.

I'll remember 2 very important things about Patrick that I really respect:

The first thing is, during a TV interview he did last year, he finally admitted on air, that he was "scared." What that told me was that it was OK as a man to be scared and to admit it openly. If you've read anything I've posted, I've let you know what I really feel and am not embarrased to say it to you. I thought when he spoke it - "There's the TRUTH." And I respected him even more for that statement.

The second thing was his TV show last year - "The Beast." What guts and determination to be doing chemo and treatments and still have the energy and the professionalism to film a TV series. And the show was really very entertaining...and Patrick was a good actor in it, made it believable.

In looking back at his title "The Beast" it all makes sense to me now when it did not then.
I had thought what an unusual title for the show...I know alot of you refer to the Cancer as the beast - so maybe he was sending us all a message with his series...that's the way I like to look at it.

He fought the beast and lost - again a sobering reminder that we all may not win our fight with cancer.

But as I say again, "Cancer does not define us, but how we live and fight with Cancer DOES define us."

And Patrick Swayze walked that walk...all the way to the end. Another shining example to all of us how to live and fight with cancer...and how we want to be remembered - as Fighters!

I had figured Patrick would not make it thorough the year - sadly that turned out to be true...he just looked so sick from the last pictures I saw...and he had cancelled the 2nd season of The Beast, so that was not a good sign...I've just been waiting for the hammer to fall, but hoping that his willpower and tenacity would overcome the odds and he would a miracle story.

He was a very brave man - much braver than me - I could only hope to emulate myself after someone like Mr.Swayze and try to uphold the dignity that he carried himself with, knowing what he knew. A real hero in the Cancer World.

Well, this was going to be my post, but now it's my reply under Gail's post - so thank you all for allowing me to share my feelings on this somber day with you - I continue to love you guys very much.

Everybody continue to fight on and fight hard - I'm pulling for all of you and I see so many newbies on the board, so continue on is my message to each of you as well.

Everybody have a good mornin'. As always, it's my pleasure to be able to talk with you today.


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Thank you for posting such a beautiful tribute and for sharing from the depths of your heart. I love a man who can do that!

I am glad your diagnosis was off a bit, because we'd like to have you around here a VERY long time.


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I remember angel and i just in shock to see him so thin but thats what angel looked like too. its just so sad.


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What a touching and compassionate post, Craig. You are very eloquent in not only sharing your own feelings, but many of ours, too.

I, too, like others have posted here, have such a difficult time when someone, anyone (whether I know them or not), dies from cancer.

This is a wonderful place to come and deal with honest feelings and fears. Craig - thanks again for sharing.


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I was really sad last night when I read the news. I think I've watched Dirty Dancing about 100 times OR MORE!! I loved that movie, mostly because of him. He was a very strong and brave man. My heart goes out to his wife and family.


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I hope that they do a special tribute to him. He was a wonderful actor and am glad that he is not suffering any more. He was a very courageous person.


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Hearing about Patrick Swayze's death hit me like a punch in the gut last night.
Mostly for my own reasons. Every time a public figure dies from cancer and my kids hear it announced and talked about on the news, they get so scared and sad for me. My 13 yr old was crying last night and said "what if you die, Mom?"
So, we had a long talk and hugs about that.

Here's to Patrick... who fought hard against "the beast".

Take care everyone,

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Hello All:

I too am going to miss Patrick Swayze. I found his interview last year wtih Barbara Walters very moving and somehow I identified with some of it. I remember him talking about the medicine with the cold sensitivity side effects - he must have been on oxaliplatin like so many of us have been on. I was a little sad yesterday and today thinking about him being gone. I had similar thoughts when Farrah died because she had colo-rectal cancer like we on this forum do. I just have to keep my faith and in faith I find strength to keep going. I hope everyone has a good night. Take care everyone. Roy

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Today, I ask the question: Could Patrick Swayze's life have been saved through natural anti-cancer remedies? Find the answer here:


Author Tony Isaacs explains more today in a timely piece about why chemotherapy spreads cancer:


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Saddened me to hear about Swayze and this was added to
the recent losses of Ted Kennedy, Farah F., and more
locally our Cincinnati Pops conductor of umpteen years,Erich Kunzel
and a doctor I knew who seemed invincible and even
closer a friend who is being checked for possible
bladder cancer....having hard time keeping the "blues"


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