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Looking for information

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I will try to keep it short. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in January, 2009. Started Chemo-Carp and Alimpta for 8 treatments. Blood work went pretty good. I encourage her to eat, she listens and seems to be good with that. The scans appear to show decrease in cancer. Doctor has continued the Alimpta, because he has since found out there is success in keeping the cancer at bay, his words. No surgery or radiation. My question is that I have through research, found the supplement known as Graviola NTense and have one person who has used and no other treatments, other than alternative, with good success. My mother is starting to be light headed and dizzy, thought maybe from change of weather. Also, having swelling in wrist and not able to use her hands with any strength. This comes and goes, but now is my regularly in the past two weeks. Question if there is anyone that has used the graviol ntense along with chemo and/or used the product. I love my mother so much and she looks to me for answers. I do believe that God is with her and is healing her. But, I also know that we can help God.. Thank you for any help or info and I pray God will provide us with a cure for this disease. I pray for all of you and the caretakers.

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