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Some good news today

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Hi everyone,

My husband had a CT scan on Friday and we are back up here today for #5. When we met with the onc she told us Friday's scan showed that the lesions on his liver are responding to the chemo. YEAH!!! There are no new lesions, and the two measurable ones are about 35% smaller. She was pleased with the results, and even mentioned being cautiously optimistic about possible targeted therapies for his liver at some point.

It was so great for him to hear some good news - he is still battling the infection in his incision, and it was starting to get to him. It's been almost 5 weeks. He is on another course of antibiotics, the wound looks good, so hopefully the infection is almost cleared. He hates chemo days, so this good news should help "the medicine go down" a little easier.

The BEST part ... being able to give my daughters some good news!!! I texted them immediately from docs office and could read, hear, FEEL the relief in their replies! Seeing a real smile on my husband's face didn't hurt either!

Thanks for being here for me to share my good news. Only you guys really understand what a little good news can do!

Be well all,

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Made me smile too, Donna

I can see your husband smilin' too!

I'll bet he was real happy to get a bite of something...so glad for all of your family.

Thanks for sharing some good news...helps lighten the load for everybody.

Keep it up!


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I so happy for you.

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So happy to hear the great news!! I am smiling here! I love good news like this!


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Nana b
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Great News, very happy to herar it and enjoy the news with you!!

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Great Great Great.........a little sure goes a long way doesn't it......Bless all of you...

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Congratulations on good news. I'm so happy for you!


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That's awesome! I'm so happy for your family!


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