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FDA meeting to discuss trial drug

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If there are any others on here in the clinical trial for pazopanib you might be interested to know there will be a FDA public advisory committee meeting (open to the public) on October 5, the purpose of which is to gather information the FDA needs to make a decision about approval of the experimental drug pazopanib. The manufacturer has applied for approval specifically for treatment of kidney cancers but, if approved for that, I would assume approval for thyroid cancer treatment will not be far behind. If approved, pazopanib will be marketed under the brand name Votrient. Details about the meeting time and location can be found here:


Contact names and phone numbers are also included.

That is a two page PDF document dealing with several matters. The Votrient-pazopanib stuff can be found on the second page, left hand column, item (2) on the agenda.

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We can view the meeting on Monday, October 5, via webcast. Go to this link for the details about signing up to view it:


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Did anything ever happen with this?

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