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My co-worker ws recently told she had cancer in the lymph nodes

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At first she was told she had a spot one her lungs but that turned out to be nothing. Now they found something in her right breast and they have put some sort of stint to start treatment this week Tuesday Sept15,2009. I need to gather as much information I can so I can give her support threw this trying time. On Nov.2nd of this year it will be the anniversary of my older brothers death due to liver cancer. During the time he had cancer we didn't have a clue as to what to do until Hospice came in and gave us information on what was to be expected and how to handle the situation. I have given her this web. site info. she and her daughter are going to sign her up. I love all of my co-workers and I just want to be able to be there for them we are like family and when one of them comes to me and tells me something is not right I will gather all the information I can and pass it on to them.

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