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screening scans

tiny one
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I am wondering just how accurate cat scans and Pet scans are. I seriously have doubts, especially after going thru treatment and then they say they found it has metastized somewhere else in the body. My scans have been normal but I'm wondering for a few others. Like to hear some comments.

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Pat and Cat scans are pretty accurate, but remember they're only as accurate as the person reading them. When the radiology people are busy they tend to be in a hurry and that's when mistakes are usually made. You can always request of your Doc to have them read the scans over to double check their accuracy.

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Two CT scans ago I was told, your clean all clear, NED by the reading of the radiologist, luckily my oncologist also mordered a PET scan and it lit up on the bottom of my liver, the radiologist was called back in and then said, "there is something there on the CT scan at the bottom of the liver". To his credit it was a very small leasion.


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