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Any FaceBook ladies out there?

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I just joined FaceBook, something I resisted since I have enough distractions to keep me from getting my work done. But it's my brother's preferred way of keeping in touch, so I went in and created a profile. Anyone other FaceBook-ers here? Want to be my FaceBook friend? If so, please search for me there (I live in Shamokin, PA). I am possibly going to be away from my computer until Friday, as I am traveling to visit my family, and may not have computer access. So don't be insulted if it takes me a few days to reply. I like being able to see people's photos and getting to know them better that way.

And if any of you have built "Expressions' pages on THIS website as a part of your CSN profile, please let me know so I can see what you've created. I posted some of my better photos in my CSN profile on THIS website, too. Thanks!

thank you
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Hi Linda!
Facebook is wonderfull, helps to keep in touch with people that are far away from you. I will send you a "friend request". I has been an excellent way for my friends to see pictures of my baby, my new house, to know what I am doing and how I feel. Being so busy - as we all are, it is difficult to call everybody. I am working in front of the computer all day, so it is much easier to log in and post my news in the facebook. But- I aggree, you can easily spend a huge amount of your day in there....

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mary ellen bowman
upper darby, pa

i will be anyones friend on facebook if u indicate from this website...cancer.org

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Kris Ann
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Hi Linda.. I'm on facebook.. i'm gonna request you.

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Hi Linda
I am going to send a Friend request to you as well.

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I am on face book just request me Lisa Kennell Mix write cancer and i will except

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I just joined Facebook 1 week ago. I live in New Port Richey and e-mail is susie_1143@yahoo.com.

Susie (Lilly the Clown)

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