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Thank-you, Bill and Loretta!!

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This is a HUGE thank you to Bill and Loretta (our EC Board "Marshalls") for all the time and effort that they spend on this discussion board. Two years ago, they fought hard to have this board reinstated, after the ACI elected to remove it, because Esophageal Cancer was not as "popular" (for lack of a better word), than all the other cancers. Their dedication and hard fight is a whole other story.

It is hard to believe that it is 2 years this month, that they succeded in having this board rightfully returned. If you look back on all of the entries over the past two years, you will see how many people they have helped with their experience, wisdom, and good humor. I know that they agonize over every entry that they write, and spend much of their time worrying about and helping every person who writes.

It was my good fortune to meet them on this discussion board two years ago, right BEFORE there were plans to remove it. My husband was diagnosed Stage IV and was given less than two years to live, even with chemo treatments,(surgery was not an option). He's beaten the doctor's time table, and is remaining NED, since Jan. 2008. I am honored to call Bill and Loretta my friends. I don't post here too often, but I do read each and every entry, and have become familiar with all the wonderful people who reach out to give and to get help here.

My reason for writing today, is to thank dear Bill and Loretta (my cyber angel) for their loving, selfless and dedicated work on this forum. We're all that much better informed and stronger from having them in our corner!!! They have their own daily life challenges, but they always put the people here first.

So, thank you, Bill and Loretta for everything that you have done, and will continue to do for all of your cyber friends. I am proud to be one of them. Cheryl

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Thank you too for working so hard to reinstate this I was not a member at that time but since coming on in May you always had something for me, I might have not wanted to hear it, and to be quite honest I was scared of you in the beginning, but as my husband went through his trials and tribulations, you was always there for me when I was down you built me up when Jeff was knocking on heavens door, you was there, when my motherinlaw was at her wits end seeing her son the way she found him, you always had something to uplift us. I know that you are definately my cyber angels, and my online parents. You and Loretta have given each and every one of us something to look forward too, when I sign on to this board and find a reply from you to someone I always stop and read it. When GOD gave you to Loretta he knew what he was doing, YOU ARE TRULY AN AMAZING MAN!! here you not only raised your own family but you are raising your grandchildren, and now you are raising all your cbyer friend on this discussion board.

When I turn my computer on and find something you have wrote, I have to laugh when you insert "MOE"S BIG GIRL PANTIES" I am so happy I amused so many people with this saying. Please know I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, as without this site I would have been nuts with what I went through.

Lori aka MOE

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Hello....while I have never "spoke" directly with Bill and Loretta, I have to agree with you....they give an awful lot of themselves to the people on this board....and they certainly keep all informed while at the same time are able to offer the spiritual support we all need.
I am very curious about your husband....why surgery was not an option and what treatments he has had. The reason I ask is my husband Charlie (57) was diagnosed in March of this year with stage iv EC. Mets to the lymph nodes, liver, lung, peritoneal cavity....also not a candidate for surgery. If he had chosen no treatment, he was given 2 - 3 months. We chose a very agressive form of chemo. Originally wanted to do 6 rounds of Cisplantin, Taxotere, and 5-FU. Each round administered in the hospital....each round 120 continuous hours. We had a PET Scan done after round 2 and his tumor in his esophagus was inactive. He is considered to be in remission. They decided to only do 2 more rounds. He finished up in July and in Aug he started taking Xeloda to hopefully keep him in remission. Of course we have no way of knowing how long he will stay in remission but I am so happy to hear your husband is NED since Jan 2008...it gives me such hope.
Thanks for any info you can provide....and thank you Bill and Loretta.

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I didn't know how hard the both of you fought for this site!!I don't know where alot of us newbies would be without it and the both of you for support.

God Bless

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Please feel free to e mail me,so we can talk. Thanks, Cheryl cherseg1@hotmail.com

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I can't say it enough!!! I would have been lost without them. Thanks for all the hard work you do on this site and personally with me!! You guys are the best!!


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