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vitamin water ah-ha

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I take an assortment of vitamins, including calcium, D and B6, everyday. I do not take a multivitamin- wish I could, but have never found one that didn't make me sick to my stomach. I started drinking Vitamin Water- about one a day, usually C.

Good idea or not? I drink a lot of water, but it isn't my most favorite thing to drink, this seems to break up the routine. I also feel like I am padding my healthy intake for the day by this extra dose of C. Anybody know if I am or not? It wouldn't suprise me if it is all a gimic, just one more way of making $$.

Thanks for your insight.


answered my own question via some research:

The big red flag here is the amount of sugar. There are 13 grams of sugar in one serving, so an entire bottle contains about 32.5 grams of sugar

This is way over any "healthy" benefit. Unfortuantely, I think they are misleading in their advertising.

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Hi Patteee
Have you tried the children's chewable multivitamins? That's what I use, hate to swallow those huge vitamin pills, I just chew 2 of them.

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It already tastes different, so the metalic taste from the chemo was no problem...lol...

Propel, if you choose carefully, has very little sugar, and is fully of the water-soluable vitamins...the B's especially...these ride herd on neuropathy.

I also have trouble with regular vitamins. But, because of my osteoporosis from the treatment, I must take them...so, I take one just before bed, with a cracker, and then am asleep for the upset tummy...it's the iron portion that gets to me...

Hugs, Kathi

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Vitamin Water Glaceau low cal - Vitamin Water 10 - This is the vitamin water I have been drinking lately. It has 3 g of sugar per serving. There are 2.5 servings per the 20 fl oz bottle. I like it.

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Hi Pattee,

I also had a hard time with swallowing multivitamins & also discovered I have an issue with not absorping much of the pills I swallow. So I looked into spray vitamins. I found a spray multivitamin. It's great- six sprays of it under the tongue a day- it's equivalent to the amount of a multivitamin pill and much more easily absorped. I also take vitamin D in the under the tongue spray form. Interestingly, when I was taking D in the pill supplement form, my vitamin D levels just still were not going up. After being on the spray version for just three weeks, my bloodwork showed that my level was then just above the minimum for normal.
Try it!! I haven't ever found them in any stores, and I get mine on the internet.
For the multivitamin, I use Lumina Health Cellfood spray multivitamin. You can get it on a few different websites (google it and check it out yourself), but I found the best price on Amazon.com, believe it or not- they even have vitamins! For the vitamin D, I use the one from Dr. Mercola's website. There are also other kinds of spray vitamin formulas- B complex, "energy" sprays, immunity health combos, etc.
I'd recommend the spray vitamins for everyone! With all the other pills I take, the D spray and the multivitamin spray are just two less pills I have to swallow a day and I know they're absorping in my body better too. (I sound like a commercial, but I'm totally convinced of this!)

Take care,

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No multivitamins and no vitamin C. Any vitamin that makes cells healthy for any reason (zinc, vitamin c, etc.) will also make the cancer cells healthy. He even told me to stop drinking anything with antioxidants because I was drinking either green or red tea. Because of osteoporosis from taking Synthroid for more than half my life, I can still take Calcium and Vitamin D.


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I hear you Debbie

My onc said the same thing when I was doing chemo...no vitamins and no anti-oxidants of any kind....no colon cleansers or metallic cleansers to get rid of Oxy - Nothing.


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I try to drink fresh water from a nearby mountain spring.
No kidding... I fill a bottle up every day on my way to work

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Dr Lenz said a multivitamin a day is fine during chemo, it was the higher doses of vitamin C he said "no" to.
For absorbtion I take a chewable multi from Forvia ( internet) which was made for folks w/ colitis/chrones who have absorption deficits like we do w/ 5FU damage to the linings of our gut.
I also drink "Smart Water" which is distilled ( no sugar, no nothing but has added potassium, calcium and magnesium Whenever I stop drinking it I get arythmias.)It isn't cheap but tastes great.
Interestingly water labelled "spring water" is only required by law to have 3% real spring water in it, the rest is tap water which having fluoride added would not be a good thing in many opinions.

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....told me the same thing and not to take supplements, maybe the B complex, but she said they can also counter-act the chemo and not make it do it's job right.

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