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post surgery rectal bleeding

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has anyone had this? surgery to remove rectal tumor was 2 days ago and now experiencing bleeding. worried.

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When I had my surgery I was given a permanant colostomy ,and my rectum was sealed but some of the stitches tore loose,and I had rectal bleeding untill it healed shut.About 4 months,untill then I had to wear a pad,and the nurse had to come every day to change the bandages.The dr. told me that sometimes it happens,opens,and sometimes it doesn't.I hope this helps.

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just stapled the colon to the remaining portion of the rectum.

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Had bleeding from the rectum for several months after. I would wipe and have it there and in toilet, not enough to have it heavy, but enough for concern. My surgeon just kept saying yes that is fine. And it was. Eventually it went away. Love my surgeon.


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I had alot of bleeding for several months after rectum resection.

No colostomy and they stapled me together...had several leaks throughout the colon and had anal fissures which bled often. And even had a staple come loose from the resection site and cause bleeding where it landed.

It took a couple of years before things even began to settle down.


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I had a lower abdominal resection to remove my tumor, was in the hospital for 5 days. I had bleeding when I went to the bathroom for awhile. I would call your doctor if you are concerned.


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