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Lucky to me Alive but now scared

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I'm 65 years old. In 1992, at the age of 48, I came down with my first cancer--lymphoma. Since then, I have had prostate cancer (including a radical prostectamy), lung cancer (lower right lobe removed),meningioma (brain cancer), melanoma (skin cancer) and several occurrences of lymphoma(small cell, large cell and mantle cell). In 2003 I had a stem cell transplant (autologous transplant). In 2006, I came down with Boop pneumonia, a recurrence of it in 2009 and recently (within the last 2 weeks) I now have pulmonary fibrosis and just this week, I was diagnose with Myelodisplastic syndrome.

The doctor did say the Myelodisplastic syndrome is a mild case. The type is q20-. These latest 2 diagnosis (Myelodisplastic syndrome and pulmonary fibrosis) have me concerned. Can anyone give me there opinion?

Thank You,

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sorry, Sam, I really can't give you any opinions about your latest diagnoses, as I am fairly new to cancer. I wanted to respond though so that you know you are not alone. You sure have been through a lot, and I'm sure you'll fight this most recent monster as successfully as you have the others. I hope you get some answers!
God bless you,

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