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Hurthle Cell with Blood Vessel Invasion - Anyone Else?

Rita C
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Joined: Sep 2009

Is there anyone that has had told by the pathologist that blood vessels appear to have been invaded? This happened to me last Thursday. My surgeon told me that I have to wait 3 months before I get my thyrogobulin tested. Is anyone else in the same boat? Originally, I thought the good news was that we caught the Hurthle cell early (Stage 1), but maybe this changes that.

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I saw that on Path and had the same questions. After talking to a doctor friend and later my endo I was told this is how hurthle is diagnosed. I asked endo his thoughts on vascular invasion and he was more concerned about soft tissue invasion. I am also stage 1 because of my age (41). Mine was large - 4.7 cm so if I was over 45 it would have been much higher staging. Even endo says staging criteria doesn't make sense when it comes to hurthle. Where are you in your treatment?

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