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Complications with Port Catheter Angiogram

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Hi Everyone:

I am writing for my mom, who has colon cancer and is receiving treatments through a port catheter inserted in July 2009.

She had a problem with the needle that was inserted to hold the pouch that she is required to carry around for 48 hours after her inhouse chemo treatment. The oncology office wanted to make sure that the port was functioning correctly, so they required her to have a port angiogram.

Well, she went through that but it was so painful. They had to use a floroscope with dye and that irrated the outer skin area to the point of it being red and swollen. The surgeon's nurse(surgeon who originally put in the port) stated that after reading the report - it states the port is intact with no evidence of leakage or catheter disruption. However, the resevoir is deep and needs access with a needle 1 1/2 - 2 inches long.

She is now on an antibiotic and tylenol 3 with codeine for pain. The oncologist also wanted to prescibe a steriod to reduce the inflammation more quickly, but I need to run it by the surgeon first. The surgeon's nurse also suggested a script for Silvadene for the healing of the skin, which I thought was a good idea. I just hope that it heals before her next chemo treatment, next Wednesday.

Has anyone out there every had an issue with a chemo port?

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I don't have any info to offer. but sorry your mom is having so much discomfort, hope she feels better soon..

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