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Day 6 after Davinci-catheter out tomorrow

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Hi all its almost time for removal of the catheter. I have only minor complaints about it. Actually the main 1 is I feel my night bag is like a ball and chain. I actually look forward to putting on the small day bag.My small bag doesnt hook with velcro but with a rubber strap and its actually pretty comfortable.AS far as catheter care I shower and wash it with dial soap daily.I got surgical rub for the tip and it does its job. Still walk in my yard all I can. 1 thing I noticed is when sitting I become uncomfortable where the catheter runs between the legs. I have had no need for pain medication yet and my incisions seem to be healing well. I know im repeating some of this and am sorry for that but if someone only reads this post maybe it will help. I have 1 minor problem and its I want to do more than I should and have to hold myself back especially lifting.Update on catheter removal thursday and more friday. I am actually looking forward to my doctors appointment and I think thats a first since this started.I cant thank all who have posted here as your help has been tremendous and I hope in some small way my posts help someone. Incontience and positive margins my next concerns and erections down the road. I wonder if this is more a mental( or as much) fight as a physical one.Hope all are doing well and a positive outlook helps. it does cause discomfort when I laugh but its worth the slight pain. 1 more thing (rambling again) my doctor said 2 beers a night are ok I have had 1 so far but catheter bag fills fast enough as it is. Peace to you all...... Nick

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It is so interesting to me how each man is different on their recovery and thoughts. I preferred the Big night bag and hated the leg bag.

I have been 100% dry, achieved an erection with Lavitra's assistance last night (27 days post surgery) but I have a positive margin. Yes at first I was concerned about the positive margin but after purchasing and reading Dr. Patrick Walsh's guide to surviving prostate cancer I am less worried about it. Taking one day at a time and going to go with the blood work PSA level's to determine if and when I might have any follow up treatments.

You do know that alcholol can make you drip? I personally made some major life style changes since being dry was important to me. I drink probably 90% water, the rest is juices. I also do not drink any alcholol or caffeine products.
Good luck and best wishes on getting the Catheter out! looking forward to good news from you as you continue to heal.

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Glad to see things are still progressing to plan. I know that you will be glad to rid yourself of the ball and chain.

I hope and pray for your continued success during recovery and for the rest of your life's battles. May they be small and easily won.

My hope is that I am just as able to report the good things about my recovery beginning a week form Friday. My surgery is next Thursday and I will definitely try to start posting updates on Friday.

Thanks for all of the support, prayers and well wishes,


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Sonny: Hope all goes well with your surgery.


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6 days and the catheter is coming out. That is great. I had the catheter in for 15 days.
With the leg bag I would put a wash cloth between my leg and the rubber straps. Made it a bit more comfortable.

As my doctor reminded me "You are healing from the inside out."

Remember to do the Kegel exercises they help with the incontinence. I wear a pad during the day. Mostly for stress incontinence.

As far as ED. The doctor sent me home with some Viagra. Will try it this weekend. As of yet (one month after)I have not had an erection.

Has anyone experienced or noticed any change having sex?

Good luck, health and peace to all.


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