anyone using DMSO to treat skin cancer

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I would like to hear from anyone using DMSO to treat skin cancer. I have heard it works very well but don't know how to apply it and for how long. Please help me if you can because cuting out tumors can spread the cancer everywhere.


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    I have been using DMSO on my brown spots for 4 years now. I had three very early melanomas years ago and since I've been putting this on for a few minutes before I shower, i have had NO MORE melanomas, this stuff works.

    If you have a melanoma, it has to be cut around and stitched up to be sure it has not spread. I don't know if DMSO can kill a current melanoma, I doubt it, but I use it for killing cancer cells on the current brown spots so they don't turn into skin cancer. I believe that this REALLY works and I'm living proof.

    I use a cotton ball and put DMSO 70% strength on all my brown spots for about 10 minutes or less and then shower it off...It really seems to stop cancer cells from growing.
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    DMSO and Skin Cancer

    I first learned about DMSO for treating inflammation.  Having received a recent leg injury that resulted in heavy swelling and bruising and loss of sensation I decided to give it a try.  I was amazed at the rapid healing effects.  I also read of its treatment of skin cancer and started using in on various spots on my face including one the size of a dime that had recently been diagnosed as cancerous.  I have since been using on any sore, scratch or cut on my arms and legs (I do a lot of physical labor) with similar results. I am sold on its use and since I can buy a high grade 16 ounce bottle for less than $13 on ebay it's the best value than anything on the market.  There are no negative side effects other than a garlic odor and slight burning sensation when first applied. There is lot of information on the web about the history and uses of DMSO.  Just google it.

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    DMSO for skin cancer

    I also know that Oil of Oregano kills skin cancer. It does not seem to penetrate very deeply into normal skin. Hedd-Wyn has an organic oil that is inexpensive but good.

    Also, I just discoveed that "Black Seed Oil" is supposed to kill skin cancer. look it up for information. some people say that after taking it internally also, that it has side benefits. But one cannot take more than 2 teaspoons per day, as more than that is toxic. Inexpensive. I found it from "Amazing Herbs" company. You can probably find it in your health food stores. Amazon carries it also.

    DMSO did not help me, but maybe others had better results.

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    DMSO applied to Skin Cancers REVISITED

    I have been using DMSO on brown spots for a few months. I had an early stage melanoma removed three years ago (my first skin cancer)  and since then seem to have a precancerous brown spot frozen off or mole biopsy at every 6mo check up. I have used DMSO RECENTLY for other skin issues (poison ivy, mouth sore) and decided to try it on a new brown spot on my chest where another pre cancer brown spot was frozen off. It was an overnight success, still a little brown but no redness or sore.

    SO I wonder, since the above posts are several years old, has anyone else had experience Using DMSO on skin cancer, or pre cancers recently? Any cautions or warnings?   I will say that The DMSO HAndbook, by Hartmut P.A. Fischer is very useful. An important note from the book warns that since DMSO is a carrier (good thing), you must take caution to apply it only on clean skin with clean cotton swab, as it will carry whatever is currently on the skin (dirt, perfume, etc) into your bloodstream.

    Unless I learn differently, I muct prefer using a dab of DMSO to be rid of pre cancers than dealing with the frozen sores, scrapes and biopsies. Would love to learn pro and cons from others’ experience.

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    I've used black salve and

    I've used black salve and milkweed successfully on basal skin cancers.

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    I used Hydrogen Peroxide to remove a basil skin cancer on my face. I used a very strong mixture which I diluted with distilled water. I made it as strong as I could stand. I applied it 2-3x/day. It still burned. But several weeks later the spot was gone and it started to heal. After several months I went to my dermatologist to check the moles on my back, and I showed him the little scar on my face (which has since faded). He said it looked completely normal, and when I told him I had a pre-cancerous lesion and got rid of it with hydrogen peroxide he did not believe me. So much for conventional medical care.