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Internal healing

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I'm going on 5 weeks from my da vinci and the incisions are almost healed on the outside. However, I still have a swollen area under my largest incision which is on the right lower abdomen, I suppose where internal stitches were taken. When I push there I feel the swelling and it's sore, like I have a golf ball stuck underneath. It's more pronounced at different times, probably when my abdomen is more full. There is no pain other than an occasional feeling like a muscle spasm, and I don't even know it's there unless I push against it. I want to make sure I don't have some kind of hernia developing there. Anyone else have this?

Also, my doctor told me they took the prostate out through that right incision. I thought they always took it out around the bellybutton incision, but I guess they have a choice as to which incision to use. Anyone else have it taken out the right side?

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I didn't ask my Doctor which incision was used for removal but your comment about the right incision is interesting. I will be four weeks post surgery on Wednesday. That incision is the most painful still for me. It feels pretty much as you described it. I think some of my pain there is since my belt line for my pants runs across that area plus the seat belt in the car does.


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At six weeks post-davinci, I also have once-in-a-while pain in my right side. Mine may be higher up than yours and I notice it most when I sit in a chair for awhile. I read somewhere that many men experience post surgery pain in one side or the other but not both. I have also had a rash and severe itch around the incision sites especially around my naval. This had gone on for about 4 weeks and was thought to be possibly a reaction to the surgerical glue. Fortunately, it seems to be clearing up but a scratch still can make the whole area itch.

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I am only 5 days post surgery and I like all the info I gather here from others who have been through it. Keep posting it helps newbies like myself to understand what goes on post surgery.

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I am five months out from da vinci. Different pains seem to come and go.

Yesterday I tried riding my bike ... now there was a new pain! Guess it was a good sign of nerves healing. Think I'll try an ergonomically (more) correct seat!

Hang in there ... if the pain gets too bad, contact your surgeon ... my surgeon has had to help a couple of times (via e-mail) ... that has been a big help.

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I saw my surgeon. He says it's the stitches they put in there that cause some inflammation. He said it may take a couple of months before it totally disappears.

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