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Day2 after Davinci

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Day 2-Alot less effort to stand up. No dietary restrictions from day 1. Eat or drink what ever I choose.they gave me surgical lube for cathedar. I have discomfort sometimes when standing or moving. Still on no pain pills what so ever not even tylenol. Went to mail box about 300 feet and had to pause a minute before returning. I have actually slept through 2 nights waking up only occasionally. Pretty much keep same schedule bedtime and wake up as before.Bed around 11pm wake up around 8 am. Please note this is my weekend schedule only lol. Doctor gave me 6 weeks off work my disability covers 30 days so that works out well.Hope this helps future Davinci recipents someway. Praying for all.....Nick

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Glad you are healing Nick. Everyday gets better. I'm 3 1/2 weeks post surgery.


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Larry your many posts really helped me prepare for this and more important what post op questions to ask (very important knowledge). Glad to hear your results so far and look for ward to cathedar removal. Again im praying for all cancer patients and thanks Larry

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It has been one month now since I came home from the hospital.
The second day home I noticed some blood on my leg where the
cathater comes out of the penis. Checked with the doctor that is normal.
Cleaned with cottom swabs and warm water. Then moved the cathater and shaved
my leg for easier cleaning. Just had blood one more time.

Also if you have a low toilet make sure your leg bag is down low; you
don't want a back flow from the bag.

It was more painful to have the tape taken off than to have the cathater

Once the cathater was removed I wore depends with a pad in them home. I was in depends for about a week. Now it is just regular briefs with a pad. Sleeping all night with no leakage.

One important thing after the cathater is out DO THE KEGEL excerises every day at least 3 times a day and each week increase the reps and time. Also walk.

Hope this is helpful.

Good Luck


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Thanks for the catheter tips. I have experienced no bleeding yet but its good to know if I do not to panic. I really worry as it seems most of us do or did about incontinece afterwards, guess just have to see but thanks for the heads up again

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