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Has anyone taken single agent doxorubicin for recurrent UPSC?

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My mom cancer recurred 3 months in her abdomen only after she finished her carbo/ taxol treatment. She refused to take the Ciplatin/ taxol/ doxrubicin (TAP) combination because of her worsening neuropathy from last chemo.
She now started single agent doxrubicin this week after discussing with several doctors. I am extremely worried that it might not even respond to this chemo.
Has anyone tried this drug for recurrence?

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Nancy, I haven't had experience with dux, but I did find a site that gives a great deal of information. It discusses the cancers that is is effective against and how it kills cancer cells. This might at least give you something to discuss with the doctors. The site is Emory University.


As always, you are welcome to call me at 947-517-9417 or email me if talking is not what you feel like doing. claudiaallen27@yahoo.com
Please mention UPSC in the subject box so that I knnow you aren't spam.

I am going to do some more research and post back here tomorrow with what I've found out.

I do remember reading the that three drug combo was very, very, rough on people and was not the standard treatment due to toxicity.

Sorry again that you and your mom have had to go throught this.

Loving thoughts to you and yours,


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Thanks for your sweat and kind words, Claudia. I will lookup at the website you mentioned.
I have not found anyone yet whose cancer has recurred so quick, like mom. So I don't know how they treat this kind.

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