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An Update.

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My brother has 8 rad treatments left to endure! I hope he will be done and his cancer will be gone. No surgery mentioned! He refused the PEG tube (sorry JK, sis and I tried!) and is drinking milkshakes of Instant Breakfast, ice cream and whole milk. He's lost 30 lbs. On Monday, 09/07/09, I'm going to his house to help him out as much as I can with his nutrition and drive him to the rest of his treatments.

I know that you still continue to "cook" after the rad treatments are over so does anyone have any good nutritional recipies made with real food that you can blend and drink?

Going to check out GNC to see what protein powders they have - looking for all kinds of ideas. I saw a post of Sash's regarding Mass XXX - Thanks Sash.

I hope all of you are doing well and are happy. Take care all of you. Thanks.

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I used to pour it in my tube twice a day now i drink one a day.

1 package of GNC Amplified Muscle Meal it comes 20 packs to a box
now that i drink one a day i double up on the following i used to pour 2 a day down my tube and only used one scoop

2 scoops of SuperFoods Supreme its a powdered fruits and veggies i get at GNC
2 scoops of Reliv Now its a powdered multi vitamin i get online
2 tablespoons of flax seed oil
2 tablespoons of fish oil
2 shot glasses of pure aloe juice
1 teaspoon of freezedried black razzberries from Stokes Berry Farms i get it online
i capsule of tumeric /bromlin i cant spell it right

I feel great i think i feel better than before i started treatment
I did 2 months of induction chemo Taxol Carboplatin and Erbitux
Then 7 weeks of radiation with doubles on friday
plus Cisplatin daily on weeks 1,4,and 7 of radiation
Then a radical neck dissection
I am 1 year past radiation and 10 months past operation
and except for taste buds i feel better than normal
i was stage 4 with a lymphnode the size of a lemon.

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Thanks so much for the great recipe, sounds like it has everything you need! Also, sounds like you were put through the wringer as far as treatment goes. Glad you are finished and getting on with it. Thanks again for the recipe, I'll print it and we will give it a try.

Take care of yourself and keep on keepin' on!

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i asked for the surgery afterwards i wanted everything cleaned out and tested.
I researched and asked for the max treatment i could get.
I told them i didnt care about quality of life issues that they could cut the bottom half of my head off and i would wear a darth vader helmut with a feeding tube if it increased my chances. I have a 3 year old son i want to be around for . i kept asking them to up the doses of chemo and radiation if they could. One thing i did that no one seems to do is i got set up to give myself IV fluids at home
they just left the little needle thing in my port (we would change it every week)and gave me some flush kits and fluids and i did extra fluids at night at home in those horrid weeks the last 2 of radiation and the weeks after. The feeding pump helped also. I could pump food and water in me while sleeping.

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