I love your artwork for California Artist

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Claudia, sometimes when I am on this site my heart aches for all of the suffering and anxiety we all struggle with. I look at your art work and it always gives me a lift. I am glad you are painting again. You are very good! Your bright colors in the paintings always remind me that we are all more than our cancer.



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    Thank you so much, Diane
    You made my day and made tears come to my eyes. I do try to touch people with my art.

    I posted that one because I was thinking, we could all just use a cuppa tea to get through this.

    I also posted six million line long threads on the for fran post re the book. The site didn't seem to be posting things yesterday. I thought all you guys had gone on vacation.

    Again, thank you so much for the warm feelings.

    As always, love, hope, health and success for us all,

    And, I truly do believe you and fran will pull through this.

    anything I can do to help, ask and I'll do my best.