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posted a long time ago now posting again

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just to let everyone know my mother lost her battle with cancer August 31st, 2009 at 10:10 am it hurts and yes i know she isnt suffering anymore but that doesnt heal the whole i have in my heart and the emptiness i have she was hanging on for october to get here to see her first grandbaby andd dint make it :( she tried hard to fight for it i will be having her frist grandbaby and she will be greatly missed :(

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My mother in law died suddenly of a heart attack when I was 7 mos pregnant with her first grand child. It is the most terrible mixture of sadness and joy when this happens. But in a way, the baby becomes an added blessing because he/she is a tribute to the life of the one you have lost. It takes time to work through it all but that baby of mine is 35 now and has given me 2 g'sons...which is a lovely continuation of the cycle of life.
God bless.

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So sorry to hear of your loss...
Won't you also share with us when the grandbaby comes???

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