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Divorce help: spousal support?

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Hi. I just recently completed chemotherapy (hooray). In January I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Stage 4. In March my husband (of 8 years) moved out, after I discovered his affair. Shocking. He's living with her now and we're in the middle of a long divorce. Does anyone have advice on spousal support/alimony relating to medical conditions/cancer?

We make the same income. However, I'm seeking spousal support to help offset medical bills and hedge against a relapse (which, in my case, I am told is 50%).

Advice? Resources? Experience?


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The Cancer society has a legal program that ehy offer you, they direct you in the right direction, Jack was married and just seperated when we got together, and he was not able to afford the cost of his divorce so they directed us with resources of what to do, and the best thing for me and Jack was, we never got legally married, ( NOT ON PAPER ) ( we had a cermony and in Texas you are common law after 6 month, and if we were to get married Jack would lose alot of his cancer benefits, which is crazy, So we just left it like that, But they were able to direct us in alot of good ways and give us alot of good information, And I don't know what insurance company you have, but there are alot of programs that are out there I hope this helps alittle

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