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Which Hospital is the Best for Lung Cancer Treatment

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My mom has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She has one large in her left lung and two small in her right. They do not feel it has reached the lymph nodes yet and it has not spread to anywhere else in her body. She is currently at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and I was wondering how do you go about searching for the best hospital out there regardless of location.

Thank you in advance. I am sure I will have more questions in the future. I appreciate you all taking the time to read this.

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I've attached a link to a website that I hope helps answer some of your questions. I was wondering where my treatment center ranked here in New Hampshire and Googled to find it's rating, was happy to find out it is affiliated with the best Cancer center in New England. Just Google "best cancer treatment hospital", there are many other sites you can check if the link I attached does not answer your questions.


I hope this helps relieve some of your concerns about where your mom is being treated.

Please stay strong and know you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers. Also, continue to come back to this site as there are many great people here who can help you through this terrible time.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. That site is exactly what I was looking for. I have been doing a lot of research for my mom who is not as computer savvy. This will help a great deal. I will be back to the board when I find out more information. Take Care.

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From what I have read, thoracoscopic lung surgery is the least invasive type of surgery with the fewest complications--and I think that Duke University has the greatest experience in doing this procedure.

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Duke is excellent. Tom D'Amico, who practices there, is an outstanding surgeon.

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My husband has been treated for pleural mesothelioma for the past yea at Brigham and Women's. His surgeon, David Sugarbaker, is wonderful. They do very aggressive treatment and the staff and hospital has been excellent. They also have a Hope Lodge nearby.

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to provide an update to our situation. When I first posted, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and we weren't getting any answers (or so it felt). We were told she had a large tumor in her left lung and a biopsy via a broncoscopy or needle was not possible due to the location. She was scheduled to have surgery to remove the bottom portion of her lung. They did the preop pet scan and noticed small spots in her right lung that they didn't see on her first pet scan (?), so the doctor cancelled the surgery. She went to the oncologist who then decided to review her case with a panel of doctors. After they met, they rescheduled the surgery again due to the levels of illumination between the left tumor and the right spots. Supposedly the left was magnified at a level of 10.something while the right spots were magnified between 1 and 3 - Has anyone had anything like this that can shed some light on the validity of the magnification possibly indicating the right spots may not be cancer? Since they could not do a biopsy to determine treatment, the best course of action was to remove the lower left half of the lung so they could at least confirm their thoughts that it was non small cell since it did not travel to the liver or brain. When I heard they were going back and forth, I started researching different hospitals. My mom didn't want to change her hospital so my search temporarily stopped.

My mom had the surgery a week and a half ago. She is in a tremendous amount of pain and I don't think we expected it would be this bad. We will not hear the results until her follow-up appointment 10/6. We are waiting to hear if it is in the lymphnodes and that will determine what happens next. The kicker is she also has a brain tumor called a menginoma. They are 99.9% sure it is not related to the lung cancer which is why they think the lung is non-small cell, but it is pressing on the brain stem and she needs to have it removed. The lung cancer needed to be addressed first and once she recovers from that, she will need to have the brain surgery. My mom is 62 years old and she is a tiny lady (a whopping 93 pounds). I am worried about her ability to come through all of this which is why I am here on the board. I appreciate you all taking the time to read and respond to posts. It is helping me hear the real deal and what things will actually be like. She is not open to a support group yet. We are trying to get her there. My husband and I bought her a lap top so she can start researching and reaching out to people online but she is not feeling up to learning how to use it yet. Once she does, I am going to get her set up with this board as a favorite for her.

Sorry for the long post. I wanted to let everyone know since the lung surgery is already completed. I will keep your recommendations in my research file. I pray that I don't have to use them. Thank you for reading.

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hi i had my leftlower lung removed at RI Hosp by Dr Ng great staff
today i am going to dana farba in Boston ma and they on top of every thing a real get staff of people i might have a new spot an going to have it done inboston

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Based on my experience, I had Stage 3A Lung Cancer in Aug 2004. Went to Brigham and Womens / Dana Farber Cancer in Boston (they work together for the treatment). In Dec 2004, I had my entire left lung removed. Will be celebrating my 5th year this December. I highly recommend them. Good Luck

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Thank you all again for your replies! We will find out next week what the testing revealed. I will be praying for good news as I do for all of you.

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