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mouth dehydration

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Hello everyone. I'm not on this particular board often, because my primary diagnosis is lung cancer, but it has now metastasized to my bones and throat. It has created a tumor which has completely obstructed my esophagus so I am no longer able to swallow anything (not even my saliva). Because of this, my mouth gets extremely dry. I was wondering if anyone here has experienced anything like this or has any tips for keeping my mouth hydrated. I already suck on ice chips and hard candies but am looking for other ideas or perhaps products you have tried that really work!


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My husband had throat cancer and with it the dry mouth. He got relief from a product called Oasis that came in a tablet or spray. It is available over the counter. Our pharmacy initially had to order it for us but then kept it in stock. It gave him relief and he could carry it with him. Hope it will give you some relief. paula

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yea my husband has the same problem he can barely swallow water , he sip is but it comes out of his nose, not sure why, but he tries to sip water all day but we found this mouth wash called biotene, it is for dry mouth it helps keep his mouth moist you can get it at Walmart, Do you have a trachea, just if wondering, because Jack cancer started in his throat and then it spread to his lungs, and one night he really complaint alot that he had shortmess of breath, and we thought it was from his lungs but it was the tumor blocking his air way, So if you have any feeling of shortness of breath go straight to the hospital,

But try Biotene, it is in a white bottle, and it seems to help Jack keep his mouth moist, Hope this helped

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My husband is using a spray they gave him in the hospital called Biotene

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Hello, there is a product sold @ the health food store called "silver hydrosol". It is liquid silver and you spray it into your mouth via a pump spray bottle. This will help keep your mouth moist.

Also use the Biotene Mouthwash several times a day.

There is a chewing gum that long distance runners use to moisten their mouth. I am not sure of what the name of it is but I got mine @ Sports Authority"

I have been treated for tongue & saliva gland cancer since 10/2006 and this really helps me.

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Biotne makes gum that seems to work for me. Secondary to salvia it helps exercise my jaw too.



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There are also prescriptions that help with dry mouth. I was on Salagen for a while until it stopped working for me.

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I also use salagen it works for me .I mean my mouth still gets a little dry but I use the biotene mouth wash,toothpaste and spray and it seems to work. there is also a perscription called Caphosol it is artificial saliva it helps with mucus too. it is very exspensive hard to get the insurance to cover it but it works.I hope this helped take care.
remember to keep the faith for it will get you through it all:-)

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I have found that mouth sprayer’s work best for me, especially at night when trying to get good a nights sleep, I am not too sure how it will work for you in this case.

The one that works best for me is Stoppers4 Dry Mouth Spray and I get it on line at http://www.drugstore.com/

Wish you well in finding what works best for you, God bless

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