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Having a hard time

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My sister had breast cancer about 6 years ago. She started going to Chemo but finally broke free of that. She started with vitamins, minerals and other natural cures and she beat the cancer. It completely disappeared. She was without cancer until a little over a year ago when it returned but in her lower back. She had a large lump which shocked me to see it. Again, she beat the Cancer with her natural cures and it's gone again. The lump is gone as well. My Mom now has Colon/Liver Cancer and we are fighting that now.

I have been reading here since April when my Mother was diagnosed. I didnt start an account here until recently though.

Most nights when my Mom is sleeping, I have sat here and on other forums reading and reading. More than anything else, I have cried and cried for all these people with Cancer and their stories. I have sat here most nights with tears streaming down my face until I cant see the screen anymore. I try to stay away from the stories of death and sickness but I just keep on reading, night after night. And with that, the tears flow until I feel like I just cant take any more of this. I get sick to my stomach when I see someone post with questions on their cancer and then there are no more postings from them. I can't help but wonder what has happened to them.

Anyway, I am here if anyone needs to talk.


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And welcome to our family! I'm so thrilled that you posted about your sister! I am currently a stage IIIb with possible lung metastases and recurrence. I am easing my way into curing my cancer through diet, meditation, and exercise. I have heard about many, many people doing this successfully. Even stage IV cancers. I went the traditional way for treatment out of fear, and it not only failed, but put me in a much worse position. I refuse to ruin my body any further either with treatments, or with my lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for fifteen years, but i would never have called my diet "healthy" as i gave up meat for ethical reasons. I still had a high fat diet of fried foods, fast foods, and high dairy consumption. Being a carbohydrate fan, i'm learning now that i've only been feeding my cancer rather than killing it. Stories like yours give me great hope, and fuel my desire even more that a cure is within my own power. I'm angry that my doctors are perfectly aware that sugar feeds cancer like Mother's milk, and they have NEVER mentioned this to me. There is too much proof of this to deny. In fact, the commonly used PET scan used to detect cancer is able to detect cancer by identifying any area that is over consuming SUGAR!!! If an area lights up, it's most likely CANCER!

It is wholly unethical for the medical profession to withhold such vital information from us. Then again, there's no money for them if we all go and cure our own cancers.

I, personally, would love to hear stories about what your sister did to cure her cancer, and i know there are plenty of other people on this board who would be interested as well. You're right, too many of us are dying of this disease senselessly. I'm coming to believe more and more that it's the medical industry and greed that is killing us.


Fight for my love
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Hi John,as a caregiver,when you see someone whom you love very much has cancer,it is never an easy time.How you choose to treat and cure the disease,it is always a personal decision.We have seen many successful cases who got cured from modern medical techinique and we also have seen many people who got cured from natural ways.But each individual is so different,so each body reacts differently to the treatment.But unfortunately,we have to realize that cancer fighters do fight for the odds.I try to always read the positive stories on this board,but I am exactly like you,when I don't see someone show up anymore or when I see any bad news,my heart breaks.

As a caregiver,overly depressing ourself is not good,because the ones who we love need our care.I think we still can do a lot for our warriors.For my case,I always watch my husband's diet,remind him take medications on time,rest on time,no housework at home when he was on chemo,because I wanted him to save his energy for this battle.I always keep home clean,this way we cut off any possible resouces to infect him.I always write down the doctor's appointment time,watch for the side effects,write down the questions we have for the doctors.Anyway it's not a easy thing to deal with cancer,but we can still do a lot to care for the ones we love.I believe everybody have their good days and bad days,we are all human,so we are emotional.I hope your mom is getting better.I wish the best to you and your family and good luck to your mom with her treatment.Take care.

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Hi, John.

Welcome to our forum. I was inspired by the stories about your family and look forward to hearing more from you.


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I'm sorry to hear about your mom,I hope she improves.I lost a brother to cancer,then I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.But I'm still fighting to stay ned,after surgery.I will pray for your mother,and family.

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This is my first time on this website. This is only the second time I have talked about this with people outside of my family and church. I guess I really don't know where to begin. So I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2007. The doctors took 10" of my colon out, then went through 6 months of chemo. I was cancer free for about 3 months, then I took a pet scan and they found a spot on my liver. Then I had another surgery, they pulled my liver out and did an abrashin ( zapped it with electroids ) and did 6 more months of chemo. I was cancer free again for 8 months. Well, I just another pet and ct scan done and the found another small spot in the middle of my liver again. So I get to do 2 more mmonths of intense chemo and maybe another surgery. I don't know about the rest of the people going through this or is it just me that feels that they should just give up on the chemo treatments and surgery and just go live to the upmost fullest. Spend every waking day and night with your family and friends. But on the flip side to all of the feelings that I am having I get up and look at my beautiful wife and wonderful kids and say to myself " how can I just sit here and thing about myself like this, I have to think about them as well." So I get up from feeling sorry for myself and do what I have to do. Because I just can't think of me not being there for them. So I guess that I have said enoughtthis time. I think that this might be something good for me, I mean to have people to talk to that have been through the same thing as myself. Thanks for listen to me on my soapbox.


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I just started on this board, too. I don't have any sage advice. I can only share my experience as a 6 year caregiver of a stage IV survivor. When my husband was first diagnosed and we were driving home, my tears started. I told him that it would be a lot easier if it was me. He replied that I was selfish. He often tells me that this is harder on me than on him. I'm not sure I agree with him after watching many rounds of chemo, surgery, radiation, and recurrences. However, I do know it's hard. Yet, everyday I thank God for this wonderful gift of time. Between treatments, we have made many memories with family and friends. My husband has this great sense of humor, so we laugh together as well as cry together. One of the men in our cancer support group often points out that none of us gets out of here alive. Keep the faith. Find things to enjoy and laugh.

I hope this helps some. Fay

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Not to hijack the thread, Krista if you have Netflix. Get the movie called "The Beautiful Truth" I just got it because the title looked interesting. I didn't even know I had cancer yet. Watch it if you want to explore the possibilities of alternative and natural cures for cancer as well as many other diseases. I couldn't believe what I saw. If conventional treatment fails me. I will be trying out the alternatives. Sorry for the thread jack everybody.


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I do have netflix! I will put that one in the queue right away!


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John, I'm glad you decided to write this discussion thread- welcome to this discussion board. Henry and Fay- welcome also! I will definitely look into the movie you mentioned, Henry. Krista, as I said in another thread, I'm so impressed with you lately- you seem to be turning a new leaf with all your recent talk on nutrition. You're inspiring me. :) I've definitely already made some changed, but I still eat far too many sweets. Carbs are hard for me, as they're what help the most when I feel nauseated. I know I can try others things, such as ginger, which I haven't tried yet.

As you've read many of the posts alreay, you know that there are lots of different people in lots of different situation here. Hopefully, you've heard about the ones who are doing well and are even considered NED (no evidence of disease- the newer term for "being in remission").

You will find support and answers to questions here and, you'll find, that you'll end up being a support and help to others when you can relate to what they ask about.

Take care and God bless! There IS HOPE!!


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Hello all you newbies! Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will enjoy participating and get loads of helpful info. and once in a while some heated debates pop up, which is always entertaining! I just want to say to John that maybe you should not spend so much time reading night after night as you say and making yourself ill. I know it is hard to read about very young people getting cancer..I personally was diagnosed at 31 and there are much younger people than myself on this and other colon cancer forums. The fact of the matter is that some of us survive..I am 39 now, and sadly others do not. I think it is wise for you to avoid the stories of death since it seems to be affecting you so much. There is not alot of rhyme or reason to who survives and who does not...However, I do agree wholeheartedly with the suggestions about diet and exercise, supplements, mind/body medicine, diabetic style diet, etc. These are things that have all helped me and I have nothing else to attribute my apparent success to. I strongly believe if you think you can be healed you have a much better chance than someone who feels they are doomed.
I too have often thought, did chemo even help me? I know surgery certainly has and for many, unfortunately surgery is not an option. However, I don't think it was Western medicine alone that helped me..it is a mind/body/spirit approach and quite a bit of luck as well.
Good luck to all of you,
Susan H.

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John, I am glad you found all the wonderful people on this board. I think the most important message I find on the board is HOPE. I am a caregiver...once removed. My dad has colon cancer, mets to the liver and now the lungs. My mom is his primary caregiver and I help out where I can. I know how hard it is to see the people we love struggling with this monster. But the people that post here are loving, accepting, nuturing and fighting! I don't read doom and gloom, even when people are haveing a bad day, someone will respond with an encouraging word. I am doing my best to follow their example and try to stay positive, even when we get tough news. All things are possible.
**On a practical note, have you had a colonoscopy? We have a strong history on my Dad's side of breast cancer ( his sister and his mother) and colon cancer ( his sister, mother and uncle). My dad refused to get a colonoscopy for years and unfortunatley, is paying the highest price. The doctor told us (kids, nephews and neices) that if any of us were over 40, we needed to get a colonoscopy.

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What a great post. I too sit here and my heart breaks at every story I read. How kind of you to post and offer an ear to those that need one. Marie

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I too spend much time throughout the day and night reading postings here, often crying as I read as well. But what really gets me is how so many respond to my questions/concerns and we don't even know each other. To have cancer with the support of others willing to share their knowledge, experiences and emotions makes the battle somewhat less lonely and scarey. You can't imagine how I appreciate that!!!!!!!!!Steve

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