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Stage IV Uterine Cancer

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Hello, my name is Cheryl. My mother was diagnosed with stage IV Pappilary Serous Cancer a few weeks ago. She has undergone major surgery and starts chemo this week. Are there others out there who have survived this advanced cancer. She is currently taking natural suppliments as well as B17 (apricot seeds) and Essiac tea and Agaricus drops. I would really like to hear from anyone who has any information about this. Thank you.


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First: HUGE HUGS!! I'm so sorry about your mother, Cheryl. UPSC is so sneaky and so often found in advanced stages because of it. The chemo is very do-able if she is healthy otherwise with no concurrent other health problems. Be sure and disclose all herbal remedies that may be in your mother's system to your chmo oncologist and be ready to suspend using them during the period of time when she is in chemo, as there can be drug interactions. (You can start them up again when chemo is over.) Up the fiber all during chemo; as it is critical and a challenge to keep from getting constipated. As the chemo compromises your immunity and platelets it is vital (!!!) to keep bowel function as normal as possible.

I am 56 and have Stage 3-c UPSC and finished my initial treatment protocol (debulking surgery, 6 rounds carbo/taxol chemo, 28 rounds external pelvic IMRT radiation, & 3 rounds internal vaginal brachy radiation) July 1st and am in complete remission, no evidence of disease and CA-125 in normal range now. I feel wonderful and have only a tiny bit of lymphodema in one foot that doesn't hamper me doing anything I want to do. The recurrance rate for UPSC is very high and so I know my remission may be snatched from me at any time, but I refuse to worry about it now,

The question, "is UPSC at Stage IV curable?" is a tough one. All doctors do for ANYONE, whether they have cancer or not, is try and extend their lives, for one thing is certain: 100% of us (cancer, no cancer, ALL of us!) will one day leave this earth. All a doctor can do is try and extend our stay. So don't get hung up on the word 'cure'. Your oncologist will do everything he can to knock the cancer back and control its progress. Stage 4 UPSC is treated a lot like ovarian cancer, as a manageable 'condition', so you may want to lurk or post on the Ovarian Cancer Discussion Board here also, as many of us with UPSC do. The courage and optimism of those women who go from chemo to chemo is inspiring and comforting.

There is a SEARCH feature to this Discussion Board, and I encourage you to use it by plugging in key words to help you answer your questions as there is a wealth of information and research archived here. BIG HUGS!

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Linda, Cheryl,

I still believe there needs to more than the chemo and radiaiton. Hang in there. We'll figure this out soon.



Kris Ann
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Hi Cheryl.

My mom was also diagnosed with stage 4 uterine uspc/clear cell.. and she went thru lots of treatment but she is okay as of now. She finished her last treatment in October of 08. She did have an intestinal obstruction and had to have surgery but no cancer in there.. She is okay now.. She just had a cat scan and so far so good.. So there is hope.. don't give up.

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I have myself UPSC, and would like to know what chemio treatments she had? Thank you.

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Hello Cherryl,
I myself have stage 4 UPSC, doing chemio taxol/carboplatin, does not seem to be working that well, becauce my ascites came back. I am doing my pet scan again next week, after 4 chemio rounds, will see. i have been searching a lot, can not find anything.
How is the b17 helping her, can you please let me know.
Myself, I am juicing organic vegetable and also 3 ounces of wheatgrass per day. I guess, it helps give me some enrgy, nothing conclusive.

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