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constipation persoified.....will i ever poo on my own...pss i am at he beach for 4 days....i am blessed

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hi this is maryellen....

man i have not had chemo or radiation yet and i have all these residual quirks from 2 surgeries...

my appetite is lousy...i eat so much less but no weight loss to speak of....

i take the colace, i drink the miralex and i need milk of magnesia to go...

someone told me flaxseed oil i got that tonite...

now someone told me fibercon....i will try that tomorrow but i am so scared...will i ever be able to go with out a supplement???

good news...the pelvic hematoma is gone...hooray
the itching vulva due to dryness is all but gone

but this constipation is making me so depress can someone tell me they had it and it went away...surgery was 3 1/2 weeks ago....surgery dates 6/24/09 and again 8/6/09

thanks ladies what would i do without you

my cigna nurese recommended fiber one bars..started them today...

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I am sorry you are dealing with this! For my treatmens I was in the hospital on hospital food for four days. Between the drugs and my diet - I had HORRIBLE constipation! HORRIBLE! (Did I say it was horrible???)

What really worked for me was eggplant. Really. Eggplant! Before I went into the hospital, I'd roast a HUGE pan of eggplant - actually TWO pans (leave the skin on) tomato and onion. Some olive oil, a touch of salt and pepper, but mostly eggplant. When it was done - I tossed in some chopped fresh basil (Oh, my my mouth is watering!!)

I craved it when I came home and ate it 3x a day. When I woke up starving at 3:00 AM b/c of the steroids, I ate it. I ate this and drank lots of water. That was my cure-all for nightmare constipation.

If you are going the high fiber bars and things like that, make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water - while fiber is good for the problem at hand, it will also turn into yet another big brick w/out the water.

I hope things move along for you soon!


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ok then ...i will eat eggplant..i know that part of the problem is my appetite..

and when i do eat i am full quickly...i can eat half a sandwich..that is it

what is the reason for the fullness..do u think the ansestia is still in me..

i belch after i eat..i never did this before

thanks for helping me


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Hi Maryellen,

Regarding your constipation...hope you've had some luck. But, a lot of nurses where I work swear by this: Mix equal parts of milk of magnesia and prune juice in a mug and heat in the microwave until pretty warm and then drink. We call that a "brown cow". Hope this helps.

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i read about your mom every day..u are thre dAUGhter most moms dream about

i raised my kids as singlke mom tammy 25 james 21 rachel 18

tammy lived with her boyfriend at my first cancer surgery..she never came to visit for 30 days

\i understand work, grad school etc...but she killed me by not coming/ i realize where i stand with my kids...

i never got to take care of my mom...when she was alive her baby age 32 hit a tree and became a quad requiring 24 hr a day care..he had trach, colostomy, and urine bag and had to be suction whenever he had a cold...i took him from a nursing home...and took him to my home where my husband and i and a few aides took care of him till he died peacefully 2 years later from sepsis. i was taught to take of your family early in life..my grandmom took care of a. fannie who suffered a stroke and lived to be 80..she sat in a chair in living room for 30 years...

my kids saw what i did for my baby brother..he was a good patient...not to see me for a month after surgery...unforgettable...i told husband if i am too sick ever to let me die cause my kids cannot be depended on at all....

anyway..thanks for being a good daughter i know your mom appreciates your every move
thanks for helping me today...

love ya good daughter

enodo metrial cancer stage 1 c-
it got out of the box (lymph vascular invasion) but not in lynph nodes
radiation needed type to be determined on sept 8- my 58 birthday
philadelphia area

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Just wondering how you were doing today? It sure is a pain in the butt (literally?) when you want to go, but can't!

My Mom and I are really close... This past month or so has been a nightmare! My mom ending up in ICU and the docs telling her she has uterine cancer (possibly). She is doing better...recovering at home from her hysterectomy. We're waiting on the pathology still.

That's amazing about your brother how you took care of him for so long, you sound like a great person. I couldnt imagine being faced with that kind of heartache.

Hope things are better with you and your kids. I hope they are there for you when you need them and help you during your tough times.

It seems pretty promising for you; Stage 1c, and not in the lymph nodes. You will soon find out what radiation you will need.

Well, hope all's well.


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bowels working .....took milk of magnisa yesterday morning and after 3 hours i was clear
it is now 830 the next morning and my bowels worked on their own..

i ate fiber one bar with excess of water yesterday watermelon and 2 flaxseed oil pills that someone recommended...

i plan on eatting eggplant when we get home...i really do not like it but if it will work i will eat it

thanks for caring leanne...

the kids probably stay the way they are..in this societyi find most are ..me me me and when someone dies they have many regrets..

i was a great daughter to my mom..she died at 72 praying her rosary to the rosary tape i gave her..she was the mother of 10 kids and she had buried 3 children and i am sure she had enough...she had a strong faith an beieve in heaven and loved jesus..when she left i could nto cry for a while cause i knew she wanted to go..i miss her so much....she loved the beach and i am here now , i miss her more when i am at the beach..i was lucky i got to spend time
with her during her last 5 years at the beach

anyway i have 3 days of vacation...it is a bit windy but the sun is out...
i have my 85 sunscreen ready...

keeping your mom in pray...

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