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Oncotype dx?

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Has anybody here had this test done? I say my Medical Oncologist today and he told me that the mammoprint sample they sent to be tested couldn't be tested because the tumor was too small! So, he wants to do an ocontype DX, it's a genetic test to see if my tumor is an agressive one or not. It will take 3 weeks to get results, meanwhile, I have to postpone my Radiologist appointment I had for wednesday, hewants to see what the numbers show. If they are high, I'll need Chemo, if they are low, I won't, just RADs and hormone, like Arimedex. He gave me some numbers like possibly 20% chance I might need the Chemo, but he is feeling that I probably won't.

Now my problem is I also went to my General surgeon for the hernia consultation. He says I could wait until I'm done with my RADs and then have the hernia surgery. He is talking an "open surgery" not laproscopy because of the size and where it is. He said there's really no reason it should of happened. I am seriously wondering if my GI Dr. maybe made it push out more when he did my colonoscopy! I only really noticed it AFTER my colonoscopy and loosing about 35 lbs. Partly because of GERD starting with a vengence last Fall and not being able to eat because of constant indigestion, and then having IBS symptoms. So, that is another reason I don't hope I have to have Chemo, cause he was talking 4 months of Chemo, 3 times a month, then have 6 weeks of RADs, that would make it close to 6 months befor I would be able to get rid of this lump of a hernia. ARRGH!

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Hi Lanie,

I had one done about a month ago. Had a modified radical mastectomy. It turned out to be estrogen/progestere positive, HER-2 negative. It was Stage IIa. The only reason it was categorized a IIa is because my tumor was 4.5. My oncotype came back a number 8 and my oncologist was very happy. No chemo or radiation. Am just taking Arimidex now. Good luck with yours and keep us posted.


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At my last checkup, my medical oncologist told me that in January, the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) revised its protocol on radiation for women who had mastectomies. I had a bilateral mastectomy in March, Oncotype score of 13, negative margins with Stage 1b Grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. Tumor was 1cm, negative nodes, er/pr positive, Her2 negative. Pathology also found some ductal carcinoma in situ that was not expected, but only had a 3mm clear margin. Even though the NCCN states any margin over 1mm is satisfactory, it also states that it is based on location and discretion of patient and physician as to adjuvant radiation therapy. My medical onc did not think I needed radiation initially, but after further discussion about the close margin, he agreed that I had done the right thing by having treatment and that they now offer radiation to ALL women. My rad/onc who treated me 4 years ago for endometrial cancer, believed I would benefit from chest wall radiation, which I completed in June. My rad/onc said I would have received radiation if I had had a lumpectomy...which is very true...so why shold you not have it beacuse you had a mastetomy? I also take Arimidex. I would at least ask for a second opinion about radiation...Breast Cancer.org also states that all women who have mastectomy should consult with a rad/onc...I'm glad I did.

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i had this test done had er pr positive her2 negative my onco dx was 1 my tumor was 2.5 centimeters no spreading no lyph nodes involement i have a 5 % chance have to take tamaifin when done radiation started rad today no chemo my tunor was on my breast nipple lost that but they gave me new one didnt lose much of my breast but little tiny amount hope this helps god bless gl luv peggy

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I'll weigh in here on the opposite side, because I very intentionally chose *not* to have the oncotype dx test done.

From the beginning, all the statistics and probabilities I was given were wrong: "I'm almost certain it's just a cyst," "80% of these biopsies come back benign," "There's such a slim chance that the other biopsy will come back positive, too," and so on.

So, when my oncologist suggested an oncotype test to give us yet more data for whether or not to do chemo, I had had ENOUGH of statistics and probabilities, and turned it down. I chose to do chemo based on my deep-down-in-my-gut need to do everything possible to reduce my chances of getting this again, statistics be damned.

This was just my personal choice -- of course, every woman has to do what feels right for you.


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I had the test done and my score was a one. So, chemo wasn't offered, which I was thankful for.


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i was a one to no chemo to and i was very thankful god bless gl luv peggy i feel like such a baby when i worry about radiation when i see what my sisters have endured i have so much respect and my strenght has come from them god bless them all this have been my best support finding this cancer network

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I had already made up my mind to have the chemo regardless of the test but was interested in the results. I was in the "grey area" and my oncologist strongly reccommended it based on the size and the fact it had spread into the margins.
I'm sorry for what you are going through.

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Hi Lanie. I had this done. I apparently was a first ever to score less than a one. They thought there may have been a mistake and reran it. Nope, results were the same second time around. Both cancer centers I go to are thrilled to have me for a patient as I am a "study" subject for them. My Rad Oncologist just told my husband that I will be a success story and has never had anyone come back with a score like that. I'm thinking I should hire an agent that will get me lots & lots of money to let them have bragging rights over me (LOL). Hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted. Pammy

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That's GREAT! I'm so happy for you! I really hope my score comes back low also. I mean my tumor was only 1.1, but the Grade was 2 that was why the Medical Oncologist wanted to run the Oncotype. If it comes back that Chemo will only help me 20%, I will not go with it. I'm almost 60, and I go my I have an 80% chance of no re-occurance, not 20% of re-occurance. Actually, the Oncologist said I am NED technically right now, that any treatment would be prevenative. But I do have to find out what is with the inlarged lymph node in the left axillary area. I have that biopsy on Thursday. The Radiologist said at the time of the ultrasound a biopsy is just the precaution, he wasn't overly concerned with it like he was with the tumor in my right breast. He knew right away even before the biopsy it was cancer, and told me right then and there. My Oncology surgeon says he wants it out as precaution during my hernia surgery. See, I had signed before my lumpectomy to give him a clear node other than the "sentinel node", and then chickened out,LOL, so maybe he still wnats a "clear node" if it is hopefully for his "study' Actually he is and has been working on a breast cancer vaccine. My tumor wasn't large enough, he wants them to be early stage 3 cms. He then does a radiofrequency ablation to "kill" the tumor and inject the vaccine into it. then remove it like 10 days later. the hope is to have the vaccine go through the rest of your system and seek out and kill any other cancer cells. I really hope he can and or other Dr.s will someday have a cure for this dreadful BEAST.

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I had the Oncotype test done. My BC was stage 2 & 3.2 cm. The results showed a 12% boost to my cure rate with the chemo. I figured 12% is better than zero. I'm 61 yrs. old. I just finished by last chemo on Wednesday & start the Herceptin IV on Sept. 16th & every week for a year. I start my radiation treatments in late Sept. My sister who survived BC told me that attitude is everything so I'm trying to think positive & surround myself with GOOD KARMA. Sending all of you good thoughts too. Hang in there.


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My tumor was 1.8cm Invasive ductal Er+ PR+ Ki-67 85%, node negative
My oncotype score was 42, hence AC/Tax chemo.
I think this is interesting technology. When my husband had colon ca, this test was not available. Good wishes sent to you.

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