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Could it be cancer?????

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Hi all! For the last few years I have had severe bone and muscle pain and have worried what if it is some sort of cancer. Also, I have had so many female problems- heavy periods, sometimes months at a time of bleeding, pain, etc. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. That prompted me to make a few appointments just to rule out something as serious as cancer for myself. My PCP refuses to give me an order for a bone scan despite frequently complaining of bone pain. I am also on steroids for my asthma so I thought I should prob. have some sort of bone test anyway since I have been on this steroid-containing asthma med. for 13 years or so. I have been seeing my PCP, Cardiologist, Gyn, and GI doctor for different issues and tests.

In the last 6 months all of the following results have been found:
elevated serum AST level
*low vitamin D level
*thickened endometrial stripe
*Focal area of endometrial thickening
*Many small ovarian cysts
*One ovary has enlarged between the time of two ultrasounds (3 months apart)
*Numerous cervical cysts
*2 cm kidney lesion
*And just this week I have found a small lump in my vagina that has begun to bleed on and off

The female issues have been so terrible. If I did not want any more children, I would ask my Dr. to just do a hysterectomy. What I am really afraid of is that all these cysts and symptoms could be cancer. I just have this horrible feeling….I just wish they would do some test that would say for sure yes or no there is nothing to worry about. Every time they find something small wrong they say it is not big and I am young (29) so I should not worry. I have a 6 year old daughter who has epilepsy and autism and I just want to make sure I will be around a long time to take care of her.

I just wonder, is it possible to have cancer without any large tumor? Could my problems be gyn. cancer? Or am I just being paranoid?

Thanks for listening! ~Anna

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I suggest that you make an appointment with a gynecologist about that bleeding vaginal lump. While there, tell her your concerns. A PAP test could rule out cervical cancer. See if they would do a D&C and have a pathologist examine the tissue. A D&C is a reliable way to test for uterine cancer. You are really young to have cancer, and probably don't. But that's a fairly long litany of 'female problems', and it may warrant some biopsies to see what's going on. ((((BIG HUG)))).

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Thank you! Obviously, I want to be healthy but I just feel like something is wrong. The female issues just seem to get worse and worse and I am so tired and nauseous all the time (and of course I know I am not pregnant as it has been 6 years since I've had sex) as well.

I just wish my age was not all the doctor used to decide whether there should be any concern. Again, thank you for your reply. I go to my gyn. tomorrow. I am going to ask her if they can do a D&C. I was supposed to have one done in April along with hysteroscopy but they wanted to put me to sleep and the anesthesiologist felt it was unsafe at the time due to the status of my heart condition….so I never had that done. Can I be awake for a D&C?

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