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Temporal lobe tumors

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Anyone who has gone through this, I can use any helpful info. Last week, after two CT scans and an MRI, I was told I have two small tumors in the temporal lobe of my brain. I have already seen an oncologist who put me on steroids. Tomorrow I have a full body scan, Wednesday I see an neurosurgeon, and Thursday the oncologist again. If anyone can give me an idea of what to expect I would dearly appreciate it.

sue Siwek
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i am a care giver of a man who has had brain cancer. first, i hope that you are going to a teaching hospital because they are up on the latest treatments. second, please have someone go with you to all of your appointments. the mri and ct scans are no big deal but, when you meet with the doctors it is important to have another person with you to listen. third, the steroid will most likely cause you some problems such as, sleeplessness and being irritable. i hope that your tumor is not cancer but, if it is know that you need that teaching hospital for your best chance. my husband had an anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 inoperable tumor, that was nearly 10 yrs. ago and today he has met 5 of his grandchildren. his life is not perfect as he has other health issues unrelated to his tumor. use every person, friend, family everyone to help you through this. don't try to tough it out alone you need help. please keep posting i will be watching.

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Thanks for your comments -- you have given me some hope. I want to be around to welcome my third grandchild into the world next April.

Valerie Dale
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Yes I have that. I am currently being treated with chemo and radiation. I am in my 3rd week. My experience so far has been very positive. I had surgery July 10th to remove large tumor. Didn't even know what it was until pathology reports came back a week later. And here I am. But all is going very well. Chemo is pill form, I take that everyday at home in the morning and it isn't making me sick at all. Radiation treaments are 5 days a week Mon through Friday and I have a total of 30 sessions to do. I feel great with a lot of energy and a whole lot of want to live.

Good luck with everything.

Val from St. Petersburg Florida

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Hi val do you have gbm4? are you on temodar?

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