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Serrana doing fine after lung surgery

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share the news that I got an email from Serrana this evening, saying she's doing fine after her lung surgery (which she had last Monday). She is weak, but resting quietly and, best of all, she is now considered to have no evidence of disease following this surgery (NED!!)
I'm sure we'll hear from Serrana herself as soon as she's up to it again. She did say thanks to everyone for the prayers.


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Thank you, Lisa, for the update...I, too, got her email.

She has such a fantastic attitude...'one more bump in the road' is all this was to her...

It is such an honor to know this wonderful lady!

Hugs, Kathi

Fight for my love
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Thank you,Lisa.This is a great news to hear another NED on the board.Serrana,I wish you the best and hope you have a super quick recovery.Take care.

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I was wondering how she had been doing...great to hear that all went well and NED too, what a bonus :)


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Always nice to hear good news. Great way to start the week.
Thanks Lisa

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So glad to hear she's doing well! let her know I hope she has a nice recovery, and hope she is up and about soon! this is very encouraging!


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I am Glad everthing came out ok, wishing you a speedy recovery.



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I'm going to have surrey in about a month (again). it's really nice to hear this good news. Thanks for letting us know.


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Thanks for the update!


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I hope she's home soon, and has an easy recovery!


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Glad to hear the great news, Here's to a speedy recovery Serrana and hurry back......Clift

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Great news !!!! Let us all know how it went as soon as you are back on your feet. WoW... what wonderful news


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Don't know what will come next for me, maybe some focused rads maybe wait and watch. In the meantime I am hanging out reading detective novels and recovering from the 4th surgery in 2 1/2 years.

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Sorry folks I wrote a big long epistle to you and can't get it to post just the above don't know what is next part of it.......too tired to rewrite Will write later. Bottom line
I am doing well
Stay out of hospitals, the nursing staff is a questionable issue
Take someone w/ you to stay 24/7
Write your legislators about health care reform NOW
I'll write more later.........
Hugs and thanks to all

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Dear Serrana,

I'm fairly new here but wanted to support you in your recovery. So sorry that you have had to go thru so much. Praying that this will be a smooth recovery for you.

I can't tell you how many times I have typed long posts and lost them. It's hard enough to get my thoughts down and then to loose them makes me crazy. Get some rest.

As far as the 24/7. I agree totally, I will never stay in the hospital without someone with me again. My last 2 surgeries someone was always with me. I'm so thankful for that.

Again, prayers for a speedy recovery,

Debbie (gramma - there is another Debbie here so I added gramma)

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