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Inked margins

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Hi,i am 40 yers old .I was diagnosed 1.8cm kidney cancer,and had a partial nephrectomy.
The pathology report :
kidney lower third wedge resection-
Rcc clear
Max tumor diameter 2.5cm.
Grade 2
Tumor is seen at the inked margins.
My doc said no need any treatment just follow-up.
I suspect that my pathology is not too good.
anyone have any advice?

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I think you have great results on your path report. Very small tumor, partial nephrectomy, the pathologist still had margins with ink from the surgery.
You will probably be having CT scans every 3 or 6 months for several years to keep an eye on things.
Relax for now and enjoy life. Wait for the next test before you even think about being stressed.

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Hi donna,thanks for the response.
unfortunately i cant relax cuz,i found a 2.2cm tumor in my other kidney.
Thanks for support.

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