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83 and Surgery

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One day before the New year, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Only six months before,
my wife had succumbed to cancer and it was a double blow not only for me but for my children. With a PSA of 6.4 and a Gleason of 8, and at the advanced age of 83, the verdict had come down hard: No surgery for me, the cutoff was age 74. So out came the needle and in went the
Lupron, a four month shot tho I thought it was for a single month.
A quick visit to the radiologist and a rundown on radiation, chemo and Lupron plus all of the horific side effects. What? possible enlarged breasts- what did I hear right? No women can sit on your lap? No, no, not for me! I did some research, sought a second opinion, got clearance from my cardiologist and in a few months was on my way out-of-town for robotic
Walked into a lab-style operating room with attendants scurrying back and forth. There stood the robot hungrily eyeing me. I lay down, a mask placed over me and what seemed like an instant ( it was 4-1/2 hours later) I awoke in a hospital room feeling quite o.k. Would you
believe it?: the next morning, I quickly walked a mile. It's now six months later, I've
had three PSA reports, all zero. The exterior wounds are minimal, I jog, work out with weights and feeling great. Wait! The only problems I had were caused by the nefarious Lupron:
night sweats, flashes and a badly swollen knee area.

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What an inspiration! I am AJ's wife and we are so sorry you lost your wife and then had to face all of your prostate problems. My husband is T2a – T2c, PSA 5.01, 1 positive of l2, Gleason 3+3 6 and is having the DaVinci Nov. 9th. We are wondering how long you had your catheter in, and any incontinence? Your outlook is very positive. At your tender young age ~ you are making some of us younger folks look bad. Congrats and Best wishes for a long and healthy life.

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yes, quite an inspiration! Now I hope to live to be 90+ !!!!!

jim (shubbysr)

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Had catheter in for one week with little inconvenience and was out and about every day.
Incontinence virtually none. Used pads for about a month just to be sure. Have no problem.
Had a great surgeon with over 3,000 cases. Glad to be of help.

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Hoping you having many more years with Pretty ladies setting on your lap!


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Thank U Larry, good wishes like yours are always welcome.

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